Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Linhardt Tea Party Guide

Tea party guide for Linhardt in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the character's recommended tea, best topics, conversations, and favorite gifts.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Linhardt Tea Party Guide

Tea Time with Linhardt von Hevring

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Linhardt Perfect Tea Time

The free-spirited son of Count Hevring, Linhardt of the Black Eagles finds himself immersed in research on crests at the Officer’s Academy. He and Caspar seem to have similar personalities, though they are not particularly close to each other.

Linhardt Character Information

How to Unlock a Tea Time

Accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, Tea for Two, to access tea time events with characters on birthdays and free exploration.

Tea Party Guide

Recommended Tea

Name of Tea Rating
Angelica Tea ★★
Almyran Pine Needles ★★★

Impactful Conversations

Possible Topic
  • “A dinner invitation…”
  • “Books you’ve read recently…”
  • “Exploring the monastery…”
  • “Gifts you’d like to receive…”
  • “Our first meeting…”
  • “Plans for the future…”
  • “Thanks for everything…”
  • “The library’s collection…”
  • “Working hours for guards…”
  • “A place you’d like to visit…”
  • “Capable comrades…”
  • “Favorite sweets…”
  • “I heard some gossip…”
  • “Overcoming weaknesses…”
  • “Strange fish in the pond…”
  • “The art of napping…”
  • “The view from the bridge…”
  • “A word of advice…”
  • “Cats…”
  • “Gardening mishaps…”
  • “Monastery mysteries…”
  • “Past laughs…”
  • “Tell me about yourself…”
  • “The existence of Crests…”
  • “Things that bother you…”

Final Conversation

Possible Final Conversation
“You are full of mysteries and yet offer no answers. How unfair.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Chat
“Being surrounded by all these Crest-bearers makes me want to better understand Crestology.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Praise
“Crest versus nurture. Which causes a noble’s personality disorder? There’s a research project, eh?”
Answer: Chat
“I always feel as if I cannot keep up with other people. Everyone else seems to have a destination in mind.”
Answer: Laugh Answer: Praise
“Please wake me if I fall asleep. I don’t wish to be a rude guest.”
Answer: Admonish Answer: Sip tea
“They say the Crest’s power dwells in blood. So why does it have to be so disgusting?”
Answer: Admonish Answer: Chat
“If I don’t become a scholar then perhaps librarian is the job for me.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Praise
“You bear the legendary Crest of Flames. You simply must allow me to study it–please, Professor.”
Answer: Commend
“We should explore ways to utilize the power of Relics and Crests for something other than combat.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Commend Answer: Chat

Recommended Gifts

Name of Gift Rating
Fishing Float
Tasty Baked Treat
Owl Feather ★★★
Book of Crest Designs ★★★★

Gift List and Guide

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