Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 14 – The Master Tactician Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 14 - The Master Tactician in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle, Capturing Derdriu

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 14: The Master Tactician


BylethByleth Edelgard

Character List

Walkthrough: Entrace Hall (Guardian Moon)

1 Listen to the dialogue.
2 Complete the mission battle “Capturing Derdriu.”
3 Listen to the dialogue.

Mission Battle: Capturing Derdriu

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Edelgard Story Route Units

Player Unit Battalion Used
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Alliance Soldiers

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Capturing Derdriu Strategy

1) Defeat Claude

Split the party, with Byleth leading half of the troops to the port while the rest move to the right to reach the ships. Shortly after, Lysithea will block your path. Have Byleth strike her down and spare her so that she joins your party if you wish. Take out the Alliance Soldiers guarding the path. After the short dialogue, regroup your units at the ships. A couple of cavalry units will go after you, so have your ranged units hide in the forest. Have an armored unit or one with high defense occupy the last forest tile to soak up damage. When the coast is clear, cross the ships with Byleth and some defensive units on the frontlines. Snipe some wyvern units by having your bow unit perform a combat art. Byleth does wonders in exchanging attacks with them as well.

When Nader closes in, you need to channel all of your attacks on him. Start with a ranged unit to deal heavy damage, then finish him off with Byleth or another unit with high defense. While you’re dealing with Nader, a couple of units will ambush you from behind. You need a buffer between the enemy pursuing from behind and your ranged ones, so have another unit with high defense at the tail end of the party. More bow units will move in for an attack from the edges, so heal your team afterward.

After crossing the ships, you’ll find multiple soldiers accompanying Claude. You need to thin them out before taking on their leader. Weaken them with your mage units to open a path, then have Byleth deal the finishing blow on Claude to complete the mission. You’ll be prompted to spare Claude or not, so choose whichever you prefer.

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