Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Constance Tea Party Guide

Tea party guide for Constance von Nuvelle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the character's recommended tea, best topics, conversations, and favorite gifts.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Constance Tea Party Guide

Tea Time with Constance von Nuvelle

Constance is a young noble and a member of the Ashen Wolves that reside in the Abyss. She is proficient in both magic and swordsmanship, using them together gracefully in battle. Constance seems to be close friends with Hapi, another member of the Ashen Wolves, who affectionately calls her “Coco.”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Constance Tea Party Guide

Constance Character Information

How to Unlock a Tea Time

Accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, Tea for Two, to access tea time events with characters on birthdays and free exploration.

Tea Party Event Guide  Tea Party Topics and Conversations

Recommended Tea

Name of Tea Rating
Sweet-Apple Blend ★★
Albinean Berry Blend ★★
Rose Petal Blend ★★★★
Bergamot ★★★★

Tea List and Prices

Impactful Conversations

Possible Topic
  • “A dinner invitation…”
  • “Capable comrades…”
  • “Close calls…”
  • “Favorite sweets…”
  • “Food in the dining hall…”
  • “I heard some gossip…”
  • “Our first meeting…”
  • “Reliable allies…”
  • “The existence of Crests…”
  • “The opera…”
  • “Working together…”
  • “A new gambit…”
  • “Cats…”
  • “Equipment upkeep…”
  • “First crushes…”
  • “Gifts you’d like to receive…”
  • “Magical innovations…”
  • “Overcoming weaknesses…”
  • “Shareable snacks…”
  • “The last battle…”
  • “The view from the bridge…”
  • “Books you’ve read recently…”
  • “Classes you might enjoy…”
  • “Exploring the monastery…”
  • “Fodlan’s future…”
  • “Hopes for your future…”
  • “Magical innovations…”
  • “Relaxing at the sauna…”
  • “Thanks for everything…”
  • “The library’s collection…”
  • “Things you find romantic…”

Final Conversation Indoors

Possible Final Conversation Indoors
“Should you decide to lend your aid to the restoration of House Nuvelle, seek me at any hour.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Sip tea Answer: Praise
“Tea parties such as this were once so…commonplace for me. And they will be again!”
Answer: Laugh Answer: Praise
“Moments like these make me wistful for the time I spent and the people I knew underground.”
Answer: Sigh Answer: Chat
“I was born and raised on the western edge of Adrestia. My home was a beautiful port town.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Sigh
“I haven’t anything in the way of funds, so my comeback must be earned through some grand achievement.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Commend Answer: Praise
“Ever since that fateful day when the Dagdan army took House Nuvelle’s territory, I’ve been on my own.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Sigh Answer: Praise
“You wish to know the secret of House Nuvelle? That’s not something I divulge to just anybody.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Sigh Answer: Chat
“Your noble cause and my own grand dreams both ought to be held tight. May nothing stand in our way!”
Answer: Laugh Answer: Chat Answer: Sip tea
“The field of magic is brimming with mysteries, and I shall be the one to unravel them!”
Answer: Nod Answer: Praise

Final Conversation Outdoors

Possible Final Conversation Outdoors
“House Nuvelle is a noble house which exists mainly on paper. I harbor little hope that it may someday be rebuilt.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Sigh Answer: Chat
“Will it not damage your reputation to sit with me? Shall I stay at a discreet distance?”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Admonish Answer: Chat
“Tea parties such as this were once so…commonplace for me. I am ashamed to have not appreciated them fully at the time.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Admonish Answer: Praise
“I dare not allow myself the luxury of sweets. When I do eat them, it is only with the utmost reluctance.”
Answer: Laugh Answer: Disagree Answer: Sip tea
“People often remark that I lack any opinions of my own. What do you think about that?”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Chat Answer: Sip Tea
“Though my dream can never be achieved, I shall continue my futile efforts. I simply see no other course of action.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Chat Answer: Praise
“How cruel that House Nuvelle, with its long and storied history, should have no heirs left save but me.”
Answer: Sigh Answer: Praise
“My house was too accustomed to peace to be prepared for a war. Small wonder that they were eradicated.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Chat Answer: Praise
“The notion that I might be the only thing holding me back occurs to me regularly.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Admonish Answer: Chat

Recommended Gifts

Name of Gift Rating
Lily of the Valley ★★★
Tea Leaves ★★★
Arithmetic Textbook ★★★
Book of Crest Designs ★★★★

Gift List and Guide

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