Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How to Get Certification Exam Seals

Guide on certification exam seals and how to acquire them in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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What are Certification Exam Seals?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Intermediate Seals

A certification exam seal is an item that allows a character to take certification exams to change classes. They can be treated as exam permits and are consumed upon use regardless of passing or failing the test. A student must have adequate levels of a class’ key skills to increase their odds of passing the exam.

Class Change and Certification Exams

There are five types of exam seals. These include beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master corresponding to the four class tiers.

A special type of exam seal called a dark seal is required to change a character to the dark mage class.

How to Obtain Certification Exam Seals

Fire Emblem Three Houses Intermediate Seals

Certification exam seals can be obtained in chests during missions or rewarded after clearing them. They can also be bought at the item shop, though at limited stock at a time. Certification exams seals are also sometimes given as rewards in weapon-based monthly tournaments. Visit the training grounds and select a student to represent your house according to the current event of the month. The lance tournament, for instance, pits two students in a lance duel. The student with the higher lance skill will likely prevail.

List of Tournaments at the Training Grounds

A dark seal is obtained from Death Knight by defeating him or stealing it from him. He is a recurring enemy in the story, giving you many opportunities to obtain one to unlock the dark mage class.

How to Defeat Death Knight

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