Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Dark Bishop Class

Details on the Dark Bishop class for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are stats and a short description of its specialties.

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Dark Bishop

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Dark Bishop Class


Dark bishops wield devastating dark magic and can equip staves. They can inflict various status ailments, most notably berserk, along with a number of damaging spells. This differentiates the class from warlocks who focus on bombarding enemies with offensive magic. Because of this, dark bishops can be seen as a hybrid of offense and utility.

To change to a dark bishop, a character must have already unlocked the dark mage class.


HP Strength Defense Skill
Speed Magic Resistance Movement

In terms of stats, dark bishops are near identical to warlocks with only a few differences. The former boasts higher skill, making it more reliable in landing attacks. Dark bishops, however, are less likely to evade incoming damage because of their lower speed compared to warlocks.

Certification Requirement

Specialty Proficiency Level
Reason A

Requires an advanced seal for certification exam. Must have already unlocked dark mage class. Only male characters can change to this class.


Name Effect
Miasma Δ Allows unit to cast Miasma Delta. If Miasma Delta is already available, the unit can cast it twice as often.
Fiendish Blow If unit initiates combat, grants Mag +6 during combat.
Heartseeker Adjacent foes suffer Avo -20 during combat.
Class Mastery: Lifetaker Unit recovers HP equal to 50% of damage dealt after defeating a foe.

Skill Experience Bonuses

  • Reason +3
  • Faith +2

Other Classes

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