Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 3: The Rite of Rising Story Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Chapter 3: The Rite of Rising in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Cindered Shadows DLC. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, encountered, and side story mission strategy.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 3: The Rite of Rising Walkthrough

Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 3: The Rite of Rising

Storyline Characters

EdelgardEdelgard LinhardtLinhardt
DimitriDimitri AsheAshe
ClaudeClaude HildaHilda
Fire Emblem Three Houses - YuriYuri Fire Emblem Three Houses - ConstanceConstance
Fire Emblem Three Houses - BalthusBalthus Fire Emblem Three Houses - HapiHapi

Character List


Smithing Stones (x30)

DLC Chapter 3 Storyline Walkthrough

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Begin the Story Mission Search for the Chalice.

Cindered Shadows DLC Mission Battle 3: Search for the Chalice

Equip your units with training weapons as default weapons to gain increased evasion during the mission.

At the start of the mission, have your units group together and take out the enemies on the western section. You can ignore the golem to the east to save time.

Position units on forest tiles to give them increased avoidance when targeted. The human enemies can easily be dealt with using magic and ranged attacks. To deal with the golems, have your units attack one section of the four tiles it is positioned on to break a section of its armor. Doing so stuns them, preventing them from retaliating to the next incoming attack. Note the weapon symbol on each golem to know which weapon will not be effective against them. As always, ranged units should be positioned in the back line while melee characters like Edelgard, Hilda, Byleth, Yuri and Balthus can take them head on by standing on forest tiles. Do not hesitate to use Combat Arts to finish off golems as fast as possible to prevent any of your units from dying.

If you intend to break off all of the golem’s armor to obtain ores, you should use Battalion Gambits such as Group Flames to damage as many sections as possible.

After taking care of the enemies on the northwest section, have your group position themselves near the slope for dealing with the next group of enemies going south. The human enemies near the slope can easily be dealt with using Byleth, Dimitri, or Edelgard. Afterwards, try to position Byleth, Balthus, Edelgard, Yuri, Dimitri, and Claude form a two column for Ashe’s Retribution gambit. This grants all six units the ability to counterattack outside their normal ranges when the next golem or Marcelle attacks you.

Lead the charge with Edelgard and position her on the healing tile with Byleth, Dimitri, and Balthus behind her. Have Constance, Hapi, and your other ranged units in the backlines to pepper the golem and Marcelle from afar.

It is recommended to take out the golem near Marcelle as fast as possible as it will be easier to handle Marcelle when it is alone. Break the golem’s armor and burst it down with Combat Arts. Afterwards, focus all attacks on Marcelle. Use Edelgard’s Blaze gambit to prevent it from moving and unload on it with melee attacks and magic.

After defeating Marcelle you will obtain the Spellbreaker Key that you will need to activate the switch on the southeast corner of the map (do not use the key on any of the other switches as this will summon more enemies in the area). Move along the western edge first going south while using the forest tiles for increased avoidance.

When you reach the southwest corner, move as a group towards Simone. Position your vanguards toward the forest tiles to allow them to dodge enemy attacks. You can have Dimitri and Edelgard take on Simone. Use Dimitri’s Assault Troop gambit to damage both Simone and the golem behind it. Afterwards, you can follow up with Edelgard’s Blaze gambit or use a Combat Art to damage Simone. Have Byleth or Ashe take out the human enemies while Constance and Hapi use magic on Simone to take it out.

After clearing out the group of enemies, head for the switch on the southeast corner. The human enemies should not pose much of a threat, though be careful of the sniper hiding in the forest tile. Position Edelgard, Dimitri, Byleth, and Balthus in the forest tile near the enemy group. As always, move ranged units in the back line.

Have the melee enemies come to you while you are in the bushes to take them out easily. Enemy reinforcements will come afterwards, though you will likely be near the switch in the southeast corner to use the key and find the chalice. Interacting with the switch completes the mission.

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  1. This guide is useless as it leaves out the fact that new golems are spawned every damn turn. I make it to the southwest corner and then am just completely pinned by hordes of golems.