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Guide on how to join a tournament at the Training Grounds. This includes the mechanics, options, and rewards of the weapon-based monthly tournament.

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How to Participate in Monthly Tournaments at the Training Grounds

One of the activities that Byleth can do during his/her free time is to join weapon-based monthly tournaments. The tournament is both an inter-house and open event where combatants battle it out using pre-determined weapons at a arena. Winners will obtain rewards such gold, weapons with damage boosts, or items like Intermediate Seals for class upgrades.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds Location

More Information about Intermediate Seals

To participate in the tournament, visit the Training Grounds. The facility is located at the left side of the Officers Academy. Make use quick travel via mini-map to transfer to the facility immediately.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

While inside the training grounds, look for the Tournament Officer NPC and check the weapon theme of the tournament. We can see in the image that the tournament’s weapon theme during the 9th Month (Horsebow Moon) is an Intermediate Axe Tournament. Also, participating in the monthly tournament consumes one activity point.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

List of Tournaments at the Training Grounds

Once you signed up for the monthly tournament, choose a student who will be your combatant for your class. Make sure to choose a student that meets the tournament’s required level. Also, the representative should have the highest proficiency on that weapon type. We can see the overall amount the player will receive when winning the tournament which is 500 gold.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

Before each round starts, the player will be able to see the stats of the combatants. Below their names are their HP bar and their equipped weapons. The pre-battle screen also displays other battle statistics such as Might (Mt), Hit, and Crit. Might shows your attack damage while Hit determines your combatant’s probability of landing the attack. Crit is an uncommon stat which shows the chance of dealing more damage to a foe than usual. Then, we can view the weapon proficiency of each combatant.

Based on image, we can see that Black Eagle House’s Ferdinand has an advantage because he has a higher Might and a perfect Hit rate as compared to Sylvain of the Blue Lions House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

There are multiple rounds in a tournament with each round having an “earned” reward. The earned reward increases as you progress through the rounds with each opponent getting tougher. In addition, the overall reward for each tournament increases so make sure to join once it is available at the monastery to rack up the prizes. When it comes to losing, there is also a negative consequence although it is not revealed yet pre-release.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

Each combatant will hit each other numerous times until one remains. Also, the combatant might face mercenaries apart from students in the monthly tournament. It is advisable to pick combatants with unique abilities or having weapons with special effects. For example, we see that Caspar of the Black Eagles House can yield twice the damage. Unfortunately, we’re not certain about its chance and whether it is an ability or a weapon special effect.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Training Grounds

After passing the initial round, Byleth can heal his/her chosen combatant twice in-between battles. However, the maximum HP amount that can be restored is only 30 HP per use. Furthermore, if Byleth’s chosen combatant keeps on winning up until the semi-final stage, he/she can decide to move further or forfeit the tournament.

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