Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Dining Guide

Guide on how to conduct a dining event with students and faculty members at the dining hall in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including Today's Special and Full Menu.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

How to Dine with Characters

One of the activities Byleth can do during his/her free time is to visit the Dining Hall and have meals together with his/her students and co-faculty members.

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Faculty and Knight Mixer

There are two categories of dining available, “Today’s Special” and “Full Menu.” Today’s Special is a unique dining event with specific conditions while Full Menu is a standard dining event that requires ingredients and helps boost the student’s motivation.

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Today's Special

To conduct a dining event, approach for the Dining Staff NPC located within the dining hall.

List of Different Meals at the Dining Hall

Today’s Special Guide

When choosing Today’s Special, Byleth has to follow specific conditions before dining.

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Today's Special

For example, the 11th month of Red Wolf-Moon’s dining event is called Faculty & Knight Mixer and requires one student and one faculty member to dine with Byleth. Unlike Full Menu, this doesn’t require any ingredients to prepare.

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Today's Special

Conducting this dining event will result in better bonds with the chosen characters and a higher motivation boost for the student.

Full Menu Guide

When it comes to Full Menu, Byleth has access to all the different meals available. Once a meal is selected, Byleth needs to give the required ingredients and choose which characters will be dining with him/her.

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Full Menu

It is advisable to choose meals that will boost students in Byleth’s class currently low in motivation. Visit the menu list to see the list of characters recommended for the meal. The bond and motivation level boosts are lower than with Today’s Special.

Dining Motivation Boost Chart

Regular Dining Day “Enhanced” Dining Day
Favorable Meal 100% boost 100% boost
N/A 75% boost 100% boost
Disliked Meal 32.5% boost 75% boost

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