Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Enemy Unit List

A list of enemy units in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are their stats, skills, and gambits.

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Enemy Unit List


Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Bandit Thief, Brigand, Brawler, Mage, Mercenary, Cavalier, Armored Knight, Assassin 27 Atk/112 Hit/13 Crit/1 Rng
Pirate Thief, Brigand, Archer, Brawler, Wyvern Rider
Rogue Brigand 33 Atk/80 Hit/8 Crit/1 Rng
Bandit Leader Assassin
Pirate Captain Brigand
Thief Thief, Archer, Mercenary, Brigand, Armored Knight, Mage, Brawler, Dark Mage
Merchant Priest
Rogue Thief, Archer, Brigand

Leicester Alliance

Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Alliance Soldier Mage, Archer, Brigand, Fighter, Mercenary, Brawler, Cavalier, Monk, Pegasus Knight, Myrmidon

Flame Emperor’s Units

Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Flame Emperor Soldier
Flame Emperor
Death Knight

Western Church

Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Western Church Soldier Mage, Thief, Pegasus Knight, Armored Knight, Assassin, Cavalier, Dark Bishop, Warlock, Bishop
Priest Bishop
Vice Bishop Dark Bishop
Bishop Dark Bishop

Gaspard Units

Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Gaspard Commander
Gaspard Soldier


Unit Class Stats Skills Gambits
Phantom Soldier

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