Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Battalions

Basic information on battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the types of battalions and their unique gambits.

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What are Battalions?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions

Battalions are squads that accompany characters in battle to bestow various special abilities. These abilities, called gambits, range from dealing damage to providing support to allies.

A battalion’s HP is separate from their leading character which is reduced when the leader takes damage. When the battalion’s HP reaches zero, the leading character will not be able to use gambits and lose all special effects they grant.

Similar to characters, battalions become stronger by leveling-up through combat. They also learn better abilities this way.

How to Deploy Battalions

Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions

You can hire battalions from the Knights Guild. Note that a character must have the required level in authority to lead one. Significant levels in authority are required to hire strong battalions with very useful gambits. Having high authority also gives a variety of additional effects when using gambits.

Types of Battalions

Battalion Gambit Required Authority Hiring Cost
Seiros Foot Soldiers Lure Scheme E 1,000
Seiros Church Soldiers Disturbance E 1,000
Seiros Church Mercenaries Onslaught E 1,200
Seiros Lance Soldiers Coordinated Lance Strike E 1,200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1,200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1,200
Seiros Pegasus Brigade Lure Scheme D 1,200
Seiros Magic Brigade Group Magic: Flame D 1,200
Seiros Magic Squadron Group Magic: Ice D 1,200
Seiros Cavalry Brigade Fire Scheme C 1,500
Holy Knights of Seiros Assault Troop ? ?
Kingdom Infantry Lure Scheme E 1,000
Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E 1,200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Kingdom Magic Corps Group Magic: Ice D 1,200
Kingdom Snipers ? D 1,200
Kingdom Armored Co. ? ? ?
Kingdom Knights Assault Troop ? ?
Empire Infantry ? ? ?
Empire Magic Corps ? ? ?
Empire Snipers Fusillade ? ?
Empire Warriors ? ? ?
Empire Mages ? ? ?
Empire Cavalry Fire Scheme ? ?
Jeralt’s Mercenaries

Types of Gambits

Gambit Effects
Lure Scheme Forces an adjacent enemy to move to the tile behind the unit. Good for forcing enemies to land on unfavorable terrain.
Stride Gives allies +5 movement on the turn activated. Can be bestowed on multiple allies if they are gathered together.
Coordinated Lance Strike Attacks the target enemy and those one tile to its left and right.
Resonant White Magic Heals allies in the area. (Range 1)
Group Magic: Flame Also damages foes adjacent to target. (Range 1~2)
Group Magic: Ice
Fire Scheme Attacks a group of enemies with explosive barrels. Flames linger in the affected area, causing waiting units to continuously take additional damage.
Assault Troop

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