Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 12 – Outset of a Power Struggle Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 12 - Outset of a Power Struggle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle, The Battle of Garreg Mach.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 12: Outset of a Power Struggle

Walkthrough: Imperial Army Provisional Camp (Month of Lone Moon)

Date Details

  • Byleth, Edelgard, and Hubert ask other Black Eagle students if they will follow her campaign.
  • Edelgard talks with Byleth afterward.
  • Hubert shares the progress of Edelgard’s manifesto about the corruption of the Church of Seiros, the Holy Kingdom, and the Alliance.
  • Black Eagles Strike Force is established, lead by Edelgard and Byleth.
Dialogue Choices – Whole Chapter 

  • In-Game Cutscenes
    • Edelgard – “Let’s do just that.”(prior mission battle)
    • Edelgard – “You have many allies.”(prior mission battle)
  • Free Exploration
    • Edelgard – “We have to try.”
    • Dorothea – “We will not lose.”
3/30 Free Exploration

  • Gifts – give recently acquired gifts to your students.
  • Lost Items – give recently acquired gifts to your students.
3/30 Mission Battle: 

  • Proceed to the “To Battle” waypoint to trigger a cutscene with Edelgard (see Dialogue Choices) and start the mission battle afterward.

Mission Battle: The Battle of Garreg Mach

Victory Condition Rout the enemy.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Player: 10 Units

Player Unit Recommended Class
BylethByleth Enlightened One
EdelgardEdelgard Warrior / Armored Lord
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert Dark Bishop / Dark Knight
Caspar Warrior /Grappler / War Master
Ferdinand PaladinGreat Knight
Bernadetta SniperBow Knight
Petra Mortal Savant
Dorothea WarlockGremory
Linhardt BishopHoly Knight

Recommended Class for Each Character

Ally: 6 Units

Ally Unit Class Used
Ladislava Paladin
Randolph Warrior
Imperial Soldier Warrior
Imperil Soldier Dark Bishop
Reaper KnightDeath Knight Dark Knight
Imperial Soldier

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Class Used
Cyril Wyvern Rider
Seteth Wyvern Rider
Flayn Bishop
Gilbert Fortress Knight
Golem x2
Knight of Seiros Fortress Knight
Chuch Soldier Armored Knight
Church Soldier Sniper
Church Soldier Bishop
Church Soldier Mercenary
Church Soldier Pegasus Knight

The Battle of Garreg Mach Strategy

1) Divide your Units into Three Groups

At the start of the battle, separate your units into three to capture three strategic points held by Gilbert, Seteth, and Flayn.

  • Left Flank – Assign a tank unit together with magic classes to support Ladislava, a paladin unit, in defeating Gilbert. Gilbert is a Fortress Knight.
  • Middle Flank – Assign Byleth, Edelgard, other melee units, and a bow unit in defeating Seteth. Seteth is in a Wyvern Rider or Wyvern Lord class.
  • Right Flank – Assign a melee unit and a healer to support Randolph, a warrior unit, in defeating Flayn. Flayn is a Bishop class.

Information on Classes

2) Place Units to Forest Tiles While Advancing Forward

While moving forward place units safety at forest tiles to for safety and denying enemies of terrain advantage.

Information on Terrain

3) Move Units to Support Other Flanks

If a strategic point is already captured, move them to assist other flanks. In terms of priority, move Byleth and ranged units to the other flanks first. Once one or two flanks are cleared, the Death Knight will come out and support you as an allied unit.

4) Defeat Seteth

Clear out nearby enemy units before heading out to Seteth. Place your bow unit in nearby forest tiles to eliminate enemy units in range. Then, move your melee units. Make Byleth your initiator while Edelgard finishes targets off.

5) Defeat Flayn

While Randolph is advancing forward, use him as a bait to lure enemy units, including Flayn. Move your melee units near him, but place them on forest tiles if possible. In addition, he is accompanied by dark bishop unit, so place your healer unit nearby. After eliminating nearby enemy units, surround Flayn with your units and finish her off.

6) Defeat Gilbert

Among the three, Gilbert is the most difficult to defeat. However, Ladislava and an allied warrior don’t care and continue to press forward until they reach him. Take advantage of Ladislava and the allied warrior’s coverage of Gilbert by releasing a barrage of ranged magic attacks like Meteor. If the two allied units fall, send your magic units onto forest tiles while you send your own melee units to the front. Also, send out Byleth to suppress Gilbert in the left flank while you command your magic units to continue bringing him down with black magic.

7) Make Death Knight Deal with Golems while you Break their Yellow Barriers

As mentioned before, Death Knight will come out to assist you as an allied unit. Use him to initiate attacks and tank some damage from two Golem units coming out in the middle. The mechanics of defeating golems are the same as defeating demonic beasts. You need to break their yellow tiles first to eliminate them quickly. Send Byleth back to the middle while Edelgard and your other units attack it.

8) Defeat Cyril

Cyril will come out as another Wyvern unit from the upper right. His trajectory might be to the right or the middle depending on your nearest unit. Unlike Flayn, he doesn’t have many melee units beside him. Although, there are some magic and healer units at his back. Make sure to defeat him while not in range of those units.

9) Defeat Catherine

Catherine will come out as a melee unit wielding her hero relic weapon, Thunderbrand. Since you concentrated most of your units in the middle to defeat the two golems earlier, she will most likely be on her way there as well. Again, position your units behind Death Knight to tank her attacks and then surround her with your units to finish her off.

10) Defeat Rhea

Rhea is surrounded by bow, magic, and healer units. Let Death Knight move straight toward her while you move your other units from the left and right flanks to attack surrounding units.

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