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Details on New Game Plus in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including an overview and features.

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Whenever you start a new game, you will be prompted to select a house to side with. Inevitably, picking one house entails forgoing the others. While you can create multiple save files, choosing to focus on one will help in the long run. After finishing the story, you will unlock new game plus. It shares features with the new game with the addition of more content. As a matter of fact, overwriting a save as new game plus allows you to carry over your progress from the previous file while adding new content to make the replay a refreshing experience.


Selection screen

In new game plus, you can choose Byleth’s form, the game’s difficulty, and game mode once again.

Permanent Events

Visit the Holy Tomb

After completing the game, you will unlock the Holy Tomb, a location that can be accessed from the amiibo gazebo. You can collect random items with each visit. These items will replenish weekly. Other than that, you can also speak to Sothis. By conversing with her for the first time, you can obtain the Sothis Shield which adds 7 Resistance to all allies in combat. In order to unlock this command, you need to scan a Fire Emblem series amiibo at least once.

Possible Items

Item Details
Critical Ring A ring that increases critical-hit rate.
Silverfish A somewhat costly fish that glimmers like polished silver.

Information on Amiibo Gazebo

Renown and battalions

The renown you have spent to raise your saint statues will be kept in your next playthrough. In addition, any unspent renown will also be moved to the new game plus file. You will also retrieve any hired battalions from the previous file.

Information on Saint Statues


A new item called the journal will appear on your desk inside your quarters. When you interact with it, you will be able to view the renown that you have accumulated in your previous file. You can check levels, class abilities, and gain access to new features such as unit appearance and crests. Selecting one of these will display a new window which shows other unlockables. You need to spend some of your renown to unlock each of them.

Professor Level

When you open the Professor Level, you can choose to spend renown to raise your rank.

Level Cost (Renown)
A 500 pts
A+ 1,000 pts

Support Level

In addition to the professor level, you can also unlock the next support level for each member in exchange for 400 pts. The characters that will be unlocked in your new game plus will depend on your path and progress in the previous playthrough. For instance, if you chose to complete the Black Eagles route, expect that some of the characters from other houses would have their support level locked in your new file.

Skill Level

Another thing you can raise through the use of renown is your weapon skill levels. Cost increases, starting from level C, in increments of 500.

Level Cost (Renown)
C 500 pts
C+ 1,000 pts
B 1,500 pts
B+ 2,000 pts
A 2,500 pts

Class Abilities

On the class ability menu, you can purchase your desired class abilities provided that you have mastered them in the previous file.

Unit appearance

If you need to customize your character’s model, you can select unit appearance. From there, you can choose between their academy uniform or their war garb.

Crests items

By choosing crests in the journal, you can view a list of crest items that you have unlocked by completing the route you chose from the previous file. The crest items you unlock will depend on the units that you have recruited in your last playthrough. Moreover, you can also buy others by spending renown. Crest items give boosts in combat. To use them, you need to place the desired crest item in your chosen unit’s inventory.

Dragon Signs and Crests

Item Detail Cost (Renown)
Thorn Dragon Sign Crest of Ernest
Wind Dragon Sign Crest of Macuil
Sky Dragon Sign Crest of Seiros
Crusher Dragon Sign Crest of Dominic 1,000 pts
Shield Dragon Sign Crest of Fraldarius 1,000 pts
Bloom Dragon Sign Crest of Noa
Light Dragon Sign Crest of Cethleann
Flame Dragon Sign Crst of Daphnel 1,000 pts
Grim Dragon Sign Crest of Blaiddyd 1,000 pts
Craft Dragon Sign Crest of Gloucester 1,000 pts
Kalpa Dragon Sign Crest of Goneril 1,000 pts
Earth Dragon Sign Crest of Cichol
Ice Dragon Sign Crest of Aubin
Fissure Dragon Sign Crest of Gautier
Water Dragon Sign  Crest of Indech
Storm Dragon Sign Crest of the Beast
Lightning Dragon Sign Crest of Charon
Dark Dragon Sign Crest of Timotheos
Star Dragon Sign Crest of Riegan
Snow Dragon Sign Crest of Chevalier
Aegis Dragon Sign Crest of Lamine



Unlike new game, you can access any of the late game items from the shop from the get-go when you visit a store during new game plus.

Stackable effects

Some unused proficiency will be carried over to your next save file. For instance, an A proficiency in Swords can be carried over to a third playthrough despite being unused in the second playthrough.

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