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Character information for Cyril, one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included is his background.

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A young orphan who serves Archbishop Rhea. Cyril is indebted to Rhea for rescuing him during the war. Being Rhea’s retainer, he takes menial duties seriously and may appear cold when dealing with visitors. He strives to protect her highness by joining Shamir’s class as a novice archers.

Cyril is voiced by Kawanishi Kengo (JP).

Character Information

Traditional Class Commoner
Starting Weapon
Combat Arts
Strengths Lance, Axe, Bow, Riding, Flying
Weaknesses Reason, Faith
Budding Talent None
Favorite Meal Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce, Peach Sorbet, Pickled Rabbit Skewers
Likes Helping Lady Rhea, practicing archery, small flowers
Dislikes Rhea’s enemies, anyone who does his work for him
Interests Cleaning, Napping
Birthday 10/25

Initial Battle Data

HP Mv Mt Hit Crit AS Avo End Rsl Rng
24 4

Base Stats

Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Cha
7 4 6 6 6 5 2 4

Personal Ability

Name Effect
Aptitude Makes each stat 20% more likely to increase on level up.

Personal Ability List

Recommended Classes

Level Class Key Skills
Beginner Fighter Axe (D), Bow (D), Brawl (D)
Intermediate Archer Bow (C)
Advanced Sniper Bow (A)
Master Bow Knight Bow (A), Lance (C), Riding (A)

All Characters’ Recommended Class List

Close Allies

? ? ?

Lost Items

  • Well-used Hatchet
  • Portrait of Rhea
  • Old Cleaning Cloth

Lost Item List

Favorite Gifts

  • Smoked Meat
  • Hunting Dagger
  • Watering Can

Favorite Gift List

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