Fire Emblem: Three Houses - More Information on Dark Flier Class

The official Fire Emblem JP Twitter page teased yet another class, this time the Dark Flier, in the upcoming Cindered Shadows DLC. Highlights include a brief background on the class and a summary of its new combat art.

Dark Flier Class

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Cindered Shadows DLC is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. With only a few days before it come out, more details on the upcoming Trickster class were revealed on the official Fire Emblem JP Twitter account.

The Dark Flier is one of four new classes to be added in the Cindered Shadows expansion.

Roughly translated, the Twitter post touches on the Dark flier’s strengths in magic and flying as well as its ability. A female-exclusive class, the dark flier learns a special combat art called “Magic Conversion.” When the dark flier receives magic damage in the enemy phase, she gets +3 to all stats which lasts until the end of the player’s next phase. That being said, the dark flier excels in maps laden with many opposing mage units. The tweet also mentioned the dark flier’s glaring weakness to bow units.

Here, we can also see the skill experience bonuses for the dark flier which includes proficiency in swords, reason, and flying.

For more information and updates on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the Cindered Shadows DLC, visit our game guide page!

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