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Adjutants are support units that assist those that you deploy on the battlefield. When certain conditions are met, they can aid their allies in battle.

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What are Adjutants?

Adjutants are support units that can be deployed alongside another unit. The role of Adjutants is akin to that of support units in Fire Emblem: Awakening. You’ll obtain one adjutant slot when you reach Professor level C. The number of adjutants that you can deploy depends on your professor level. When you reach Professor level A, you can have as many as three adjutants in a battle.

Professor Level

Help low level units gain levels

When a character that fights together with an adjutant defeats an enemy, the adjutant earns experience alongside the fighting unit. What’s more, the adjutant is immune to attacks throughout the battle and will flee if the unit it was assigned to falls. You can train units that are otherwise difficult to level due to their low level by assigning them as an adjutant.

You can raise an adjutant’s experience further by having them equip either an Experience or Knowledge Gem.

Effects in battle

Adjutants can also attack enemies or defend their ally in fights. The type of assist that the Adjutant will perform is determined by their function, indicated by an icon. There are three types of adjutants, attacking, defending, and healing.


A follow-up attack is an attack that occasionally triggers after the unit to whom the adjutant is equipped attacks. There is a 10% chance for the Adjutant to strike an enemy when the support between the Adjutant and its ally is at least C+. A follow-up attack is half the strength as the Adjutant’s usual attack. Follow-up attacks can critically strikek and do not use any weapon durability.

Support Percent chance to trigger
S 50
A 40
B 30
C 20


Guard is a defensive command that lowers the damage received from an enemy’s attack. It is represented by the blue shield icon. Unlike the follow-up attack, this assist can be only be used by a select few classes. The amount of damage reduced is tied to the support level between the two units. In the event that the enemy’s attack would defeat the Adjutant’s ally, this command allows the ally to withstand the attack with 1 HP remaining.

Support Percent damage reduced
S 50
A 40
B 30
C 20


As the name implies, heal restores the ally’s health when their HP is 50% or lower at the start of the player phase. The heal icon is a group of green stars. Only classes that wield White Magic can assist in this way. The Adjutant’s heal has the same effect as the heal skill. The number of heals given, rather than their strength, is dependant on the support level between the two units.

Support Heals given
S 5
A 4
B 3
C 2

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