Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Marketplace Facilities Available in Cindered Shadows

News about marketplace facilities appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Cindered Shadow DLC Side Story, including information about the Sword of Creator's automatic repair.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Marketplace Facilities Revealed in Cindered Shadows

Marketplace Shops and Services Will Be Accessible in Abyss

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems officially announced that marketplace facilities will be accessible when playing the Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story. These marketplace facilities include the Item Shop, the Armory, the Blacksmith, and the Battalion Guild. In addition, there is a new mechanic to be implemented when it comes to replenishing the durability of Byleth’s main weapon, the Sword of Creator.

Marketplace Facilities are Open for Business at Abyss

According to Fire Emblem Japan’s official twitter page, the Item Shop, the Armory, the Battalion Guild and the Blacksmith will be accessible to Byleth when progressing through the Cindered Shadows storyline.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Item Shop, Armory, and Battalion Guide at Abyss

These facilities can be used freely possibly during the “Abyss” free exploration phase of each DLC side story chapter. Making these facilities present is important because it will help the player in bolstering and sustaining Byleth and his/her party’s combat capabilities. This includes resupplying recovery items, repairing/improving damaged weapons, and recruiting high level battalions.

However, we are curious if all items, weapons, battalions will be available in the marketplace of Abyss or if the stock of available high tier items and weapons will increase over time. Also, will other merchants such as the Eastern Merchant, the Southern Merchant, the Dark Merchant, and Anna (as a merchant NPC) arrive later on in the storyline?

Since the characters appearing from the main game are handpicked. Will this apply to the availability of battalions as well? Or will there will be new Abyss-exclusive battalions arriving in the DLC side story with unique battle effects.

Furthermore, since the skill levels of each playable unit, including Authority, is predetermined. Will some characters be able to access a much higher level battalion early in the side story?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blacksmith at Abyss

Going back to the Abyss’ blacksmith, it was mentioned that players should be careful about using funds and ores. According to the tweet, access to funds and ore supply is limited. Since there is no access to other facilities such as the Fishing Pond, there are no alternatives in generating more money and ores other than winning battles.

In addition, there are no dogs or cats present in the Abyss which can help Byleth acquire rare ores. As an alternative, they suggested in pursuing armor breaks of enemy monsters or demonic beasts in battle. With this, Intelligent Systems is encouraging players to rely on unit-to-unit coordination to break all yellow shields of monsters in order to acquire ores.

Resolving the Sword of Creator Durability Problem

Lastly, it was revealed that the durability of Byleth’s hero’s relic weapon, the Sword of Creator, will be automatically replenished at the start of each chapter or possibly at the beginning of each free exploration phase in the Abyss.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Sword of Creator Durability Improvement

This information is very essential since Umbral Steel, the ore required in order to repair Byleth’s weapon, is difficult to acquire. Sometimes defeating monsters or demonic beasts does not give your Umbral Steel ores but instead other rare ores such as Mythril. Furthermore, this would mean the player can use the weapon’s exclusive combat art, Sublime Heaven, multiple times and there is no more money to spend for its repair.

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