Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 4 – The Goddess’ Rite of Rebirth Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 4 - The Goddess' Rite of Rebirth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle Assault at the Rite of Rebirth.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 4: The Goddess’ Rite of Rebirth


BylethByleth RheaRhea

Character List

Walkthrough: Monastery Reception Hall (Month of  Blue Sea Moon)

1 Listen to the conversation.
2 Pick: “It’s a distraction” to gain a support boost.
3 Train students until the 26th to begin the next mission (Assault at the Rite of Rebirth.) It is recommended to prioritize ranged units at this time.
4 Begin Assault at the Rite of Rebirth.
5 Listen to the conversation after returning to the monastery.

Mission Battle: Assault at the Rite of Rebirth

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Condition All your units fall in battle or 25 turns pass.

Edelgard Story Route Player Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Mage Commander Western Church Soldiers
Death Knight None
Western Church Soldier x19 Western Church Soldiers 

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Spirit Dust Chest west of the area.
Intermediate Seal Chest east of the area.
Sword of the Creator Obtained after clearing the mission.

Assault at the Rite of Rebirth Strategy

1) Avoid proceeding forward to reach the mage commander

The death knight blocking the straight path to the enemy commander is almost impossible to defeat this early in the story. Approach the mysterious mage commander from the side instead. The death knight will not attack you unless you are near him. You will also be ambushed by a group of western church mages from behind if you proceed straight.

2) Split your units into two groups

Divide your team into two groups. A team consisting of Byleth, the house leader, and at least two ranged characters should take the right path. Have your other team take the left path and distract the ambushing mages.

3) Move as a team

Use your main assault group to move together as you approach the mage commander from the side. You will gain increased hit and avoidance by having allies close to each other as you clear the enemies.

4) Use cover tiles and pillars for increased defense

As you make your way toward the mage commander, position your ranged units on cover tiles and wait for enemies to get in range. Finish them off with Byleth and your house leader if they are still standing after your attacks.

5) Focus on the mysterious mage commander when he is in range

The mysterious mage commander has surprisingly low HP. An assault troop gambit can take him out easily. Otherwise, have Byleth and your house leader lead the charge while the rest of the team fends off other enemy units joining in the fray.

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