Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Lecture Room Questions and Answers Bonus Motivation

Information on the bonus motivation accompanying students will receive during Byleth's lecture room question and answer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Lecture Room Questions and Answers Bonus Motivation

Bonus Motivation on Lecture Room Question and Answers

While the game has been out for a while, some interesting features are out of reach. Here, we take a look at a tweet last September 25, 2019 which brought up the effect of one’s answer to the motivation of other students.

What is Motivation?

For those not in the loop, “Motivation” is a student’s stamina when studying. Each student or faculty member will have a smiley that quantifies their motivation level. The smiley changes in color and appearance depending as the character gains motivation. A pale blue face indicates 0 motivation, a yellow face shows slight motivation, an orange face means they have decent motivation, and a green face indicates very high motivation.

Motivation System

Lecture question

Sometimes, after starting a lecture, a student or faculty member may interrupt you for a question. When asked, the professor can select one of the three answers. An appropriate answer will give 50 motivation points, a decent one will reward you with half, and a bad answer will not give any points. You may also notice that some students trail behind the one asking the question. After hearing your answer, they too will also show their response by striking a pose of their own.

Effect of answering someone’s question

According to a tweet from a player in Japan, there is a relation between the answer to a class lecture and the motivation of students in the back.

Roughly translated, it summarized someone’s experience with the lecture question. After finalizing the lecture, Felix came forward to ask about weapons. The player shared that after selecting his answer, Felix gave a sigh but noticed that Dimitri in the back made a “Great” pose, similar to in manual instruction. Below his tweet is an image from the Japanese guide book. In this section of the book, it showed a list of answers to Felix’s question along with the corresponding motivation earned. The player’s answer was the one at the bottom, stating that he should “use both weapons.” Although the answer sounds plausible, it turned out that the answer didn’t motivate Felix at all. While Felix lost the chance to earn motivation points, it motivated Dimitri who was listening in the back. It can be easy to overlook such a feature since the game doesn’t show that student’s motivation gauge.

Now we know that answering lecture questions has an influence on the motivation of those who accompany a question asking student. By applying this, we can choose which student urgently needs motivation in order to improve our distribution throughout the academic year.

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