Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Monster List

A list of monster enemies that can be fought in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This includes their race and profiles.

Monsters Overview

Monsters are neutral enemies that don’t take sides in skirmishes. They are territorial and will attack anything in their way. During the enemy phase, they tend to focus their attention on their assailant. A common theme among monsters is that they occupy four tiles in battle because of their large size. Monsters also possess a huge chunk of health. Despite their threatening appearance, monsters can be dealt with using specific combat arts:

  • Bane of Monsters for sword weapons
  • Monster Piercer for lance weapons
  • Monster Breaker for axe weapons
  • Monster Blast for bow weapons

As the battle wages on, these enemies can charge for an area of effect attack the following turn. To tell where the attack will connect, check spots on the field where the tiles have changed color. The team who is able to defeat the monster of the map will earn its spoils.

Monster Attacks and Skills How to Defeat Monsters

Monster List

Monster Icon Name of Monster Monster Race Monster Description
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Black Beast Icon Black Beast Monster This beast is the transformed state of the wielder of the Hero’s Relic, the Lance of Ruin.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Wandering Beast Icon Wandering Beast Monster This mysterious Demonic Beast may be connected to the Crest of the Beast somehow…
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Giant Crawler Icon Giant Crawler Monster This massive worm has grown to an unnatural size through the absorption of magic.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Giant Wolf Icon Giant Wolf Monster This massive wolf has grown to an unnatural size through the absorption of magic.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Giant Bird Icon Giant Bird Monster
This massive bird has grown to an unnatural size through the absorption of magic.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Wild Demonic Beast Icon Wild Demonic Beast Monster
This wild Demonic Beast has lost all sense of reason. It is infused with a powerful poison.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Experimental Demonic Beast Icon Experimental Demonic Beast Monster
With a crest stone embedded in its forehead, this creature is an experimental, more resilient variation of a Demonic Beast.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Demonic Beast Icon Demonic Beast Monster
This Demonic Beast has been twisted into this form by the Imperial army. It bears a concealed Crest Stone on its forehead.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Altered Demonic Beast Icon Altered Demonic Beast Monster
This armored Demonic Beast rends its foes with beastly strength. Magic is ineffective while its armor is intact.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Giant Demonic Beast Icon Giant Demonic Beast Monster
A mammoth, bipedal Demonic Beast, this creature is robust, with powerful physical strength.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Flying Demonic Beast Icon Flying Demonic Beast Monster
An airborne Demonic Beast with enormous wings, this creature is swift and will often dodge attacks.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Golem Icon Golem Monster A mysterious weapon that appears to be connected to the Church of Seiros. This creature attacks using magic.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Altered Golem Icon Altered Golem Monster An armored golem that strikes fear into the hearts of its foes. While its armor is intact, magic is rendered useless.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Titanus Icon Titanus Monster A weapon made with forgotten knowledge, it protects itself with a formidable shield.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - White Beast Icon White Beast Monster
Formerly high-ranking members of the Church of Seiros who were gifted with Seiros’ blood and a fragment of a Crest Stone.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Immaculate One Icon The Immaculate One Monster
This child of the goddess, extolled in legends, was said to have protected the people and cared for the land, but now…
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Lord of the Desert Icon Lord of the Desert Monster
With wings that control the very wind, the Wind Caller possesses vast intelligence and exalted strength.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Lord of the Lake Icon Lord of the Lake Monster
Also known as the Immovable, this creature possesses untold wisdom, fearsome strength, and a sturdy protective carapace.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hegemon Husk (Edelgard) Hegemon Husk
Edelgard, transformed by archaic methods into a grotesque form. She is now able to use the full and unbridled power of her Crests.

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