Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Demonic Beast List

A list of monster enemies fought in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This includes their stats, attacks, and drops.

Demonic Beasts Overview

Demonic Beasts are monster enemies that don’t take sides in skirmishes. They are territorial and will attack anything in their way. During the enemy phase, they tend to focus their attention on their assailant. A common theme among monsters is that they occupy four tiles in battle because of their large size. Monsters also possess a huge chunk of health. Despite their threatening appearance, monsters can be dealt with using specific combat arts such as Monsterbane and Monster Piercer.

As the battle wages on, these enemies can charge for an area of effect attack the following turn. To tell where the attack will connect, check spots on the field where the tiles have changed color.

It is said that the team who is able to defeat the monster of the map will earn their spoils.

Demonic Beast List

Icon Name Race Lv HP Stats Weapon Attacks Drops
Black Beast Monster ? ? Mt: 15
Hit: 44
Crit: 0
? ? ?
Giant Worm Monster ? ? ? ? ? ?
Giant Wolf Monster 15 36 Mt: 17
Hit: 67
Crit: 0
Dark Stone (Wolf) ? ?
Giant Bird Monster ? 33 Mt: 14
Hit: 82
Crit: 0
Dark Stone (Bird) ? ?
Wild Demonic Beast Monster
? 42 Mt: 12
Hit: 70
Crit: 0
Crackerd Crest Stone ? ?
King of Beasts Monster
? 60 Mt: 19
Hit: 87
Crit: 7
Cracked Crest Stone Poison Breath ?

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