Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 6 – Rumors of a Reaper Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 6 - Rumors of a Reaper in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle The Underground Chamber.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 6: Rumors of a Reaper


BylethByleth Rhea
Seteth Flayn
Edelgard Hanneman

Character List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Unused Lipstick Check the bench near Dorothea

(Reception hall)

Blowfly, Nordsalat Seeds Barrels on the corner outside the reception hall.
Owl Feather Exit the dining hall past Sylvain, then make a left through the gate. It is behind the bench with two male students.
Iron Welding Material Head past Alois and follow the path. The item is near a horse riding knight.
How to be Tidy From Hanneman, turn around and inspect the spot on your left behind the barrels.
Artificial Flower Pass by Annette and check the corner near the empty bench.
Exotic Feather Enter the building and check the middle of the intersection.
Sword Belt Fragment Check the corner near Catherine inside the Training grounds.
Spotless Bandage Examine the spot near the pillar.
Encyclopedia of Sweets Look behind the pillar near the fireplace.
Wooden Flask Second floor near the female knight.
Steel Axe x1 Reward for completing No Stone Unturned

Walkthrough #6: Garegg Mach Monastery (Month of Horsebow Moon)

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Listen to the dialogue.
3 Buy flowers or have a tea party to celebrate Petra’s Birthday on 9/7.
4 Enter the classroom and talk to Edelgard to receive the quest “No Stone Unturned.”
5 Head to the Reception hall, then talk to Dorothea.
6 Talk to Petra.
7 Exit through the double doors and pass through the gate.
8 Speak with Linhardt.
9 Enter the building until you reach the dining hall.
10 Talk to Felix standing near the bulletin board.
11 Go to the counter and initiate a conversation with Raphael.
12 Head back outside to reach the fishing spot and talk to Alois.
13 Descend the steps to arrive at the marketplace.
14 Walk up to Shamir for a conversation. Talk to her one more time and select “Ask for assistance.”
15 Climb the steps, then talk to Ingrid at the entrance hall.
16 Take the flight of steps to the north and follow the right path to reach the stable.
17 Interact with Hanneman. When he asks, choose “Is her Crest rare enough to justify kidnapping her?”
18 Continue along the straight path.
19 Head to the Training Grounds and speak to Catherine.
20 Return outside and follow the path to reach the Golden Deer classroom.
21 Talk to Leonie.
22 Pass by the courtyard and through the double doors.
23 Speak to Tomas at the far end, near the tree.
24 Go to the second floor and locate the captain’s quarters.
25 Hear what Jeralt has to say about the situation.
26 Interact with the bulletin board and fast travel to the house’s classroom.
27 Report the progress to the house leader.
28 Open the calendar and choose to end the day’s activity.
29 Select “Yes” when prompted to participate in the festivities.
30 Pick “Yes” to have a chat with one of your students.
31 On 9/14, choose to Rest or to do an Auxillary Battle.
32 When prompted, instruct your students either manually or automatically.
33 Buy flowers to celebrate Catherine’s birthday on 9/15.

Walkthrough #2: The Underground Chamber (Month of Horsebow Moon)

1 Listen to the dialogue.
2 Complete the mission battle.
3 Listen to the dialogue again.
4 When asked, answer “That is a great idea.”
5 Shortly after, when prompted again, say “It would be my pleasure.”
6 Listen to the rest of the dialogue.
7 Tell Jeralt, “Don’t say things like that.”

Mission Battle: The Underground Chamber

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the Death Knight or rout all other enemies.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle or 25 turns pass.

Edelgard Story Route Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
BylethByleth None
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert None
Caspar None
Ferdinand None
Bernadetta None
Petra None
Dorothea None
Linhardt None
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Shamir IconShamir None

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Death Knight
Flame Emperor Soldiers
Mysterious Mage

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Door Key x2 Defeat one of the Flame Emperor Soldiers (left path)
Door Key x1 Defeat one of the Flame Emperor Soldiers (right path)
Chest Key x1 Defeat the armored soldier

The Underground Chamber Strategy

1) Split the party

Assign one unit to sneak their way through by following the path on the right. Since the majority of enemies on this path rely on attack, you need a ranged unit with high defense for the job. For instance, you can have Shamir take the warp pad. You can thin out the enemies quickly in order to prevent the battle from reaching the turn limit.

2) Place Byleth on the frontlines

Byleth functions as a powerhouse and can initiate by drawing the enemies’ attention due to his/her high stats. Have the rest of the students follow along with their ranged attacks while taking care to avoid stepping on red tiles. Byleth can soak damage by defeating the soldiers guarding the path near the door as well.

3) Assign ranged units to pick off weakened foes

Ranged units can snipe foes that are weakened during the enemy phase. Your best bet is to sandwich the ranged units between his/her classmates to take advantage of the support bonus.

4) Stick to the corners

Some ranged units, including Byleth, can also snipe distant foes from behind the wall to whittle them down. However, since they are prone to being dealt with during the enemy phase, be sure to check the enemy composition. For example, you can assign units that have high Res when sticking to corners with enemy casters. Conversely, if the enemy on the opposite side wields a bow, have a ranged unit with high Defense occupy those tiles instead.

5) Spread out

In conjunction with assigning some units to stick to the walls, you should be able to rout all enemies by having your students spread out. Units with lackluster defenses should be sandwiched in between others for linked boosts. You can also have a healer accompany them for survivability.

6) Unlock the doors

Whoever obtained the Door Key through combat should use it. To unlock the door, occupy the tile in front of the gate and select “Door.”

7) Patch up any weakened allies

Check your party’s health frequently. Don’t forget to use a healing spell or consume a Vulnerary to restore some health.

8) Rethink your moves with the combat forecast

When you’re about to engage in combat, you can take a peek to see if your unit can knock the enemy out on that turn. Since you’re on a timer during this mission, always check for an opportunity to knock them out in a strike or two to save turns.

9) Operate the lever

Don’t forget to use the mechanism to disable traps. You can then defeat the remaining soldiers to complete the mission.

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