Fire Emblem: Three Houses - War Cleric and Other Speculated Classes Confirmed

News about the confirmed new classes arriving in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story, including details on how to bring them to the main game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - War Cleric and Other Speculated Classes Confirmed

Five New Playable Classes in the Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story Officially Revealed

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have finally unveiled the new playable classes in the Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story. These classes are the Trickster, War Monk, War Cleric, Dark Flier, and Valkyrie.

Unlocking the New Classes

In the same manner of unlocking the Abyss and the Ashen Wolves students, finishing the first chapter of the Cindered Shadows storyline would also reward the player access to the certification exams of these new classes. The category of new classes is either called “Special Classes” or “Unique Classes” based on raw translations.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Tutoring with Constance

In order to change class, a unit must be at least level 20. Even though the level requirement is similar to Advanced Classes, a different certification seal is required. Specifically, an “Underground Seal” is needed.

The means of acquiring these special certifications are not yet revealed but we believe acquiring these will not be as convenient as purchasing them through the Item Shop or with Anna.

Speculated Classes Confirmed

With the exception of the War Cleric, the names of the other four classes have been somewhat identified.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Trickster Class Certification

When the Cindered Shadows DLC trailer was shown last January, the battle scenes of the Ashen Wolves somehow give it away. In particular, their unique attires and combat styles.

Information and visuals for the Trickster are shown through Ferdinand. Sword (Level B or higher) and Faith (Level B or higher) is required in order to transition to this new class. If we are to assess Ferdinand’s fit to this class, his Sword proficiency is his tutoring strength while his Faith proficiency is normal.

For more information about the Trickster, War Monk, Dark Flier, and Valkyrie classes, read our previous breakdown:

Information the Trickster, War Monk, Dark Flier, and Valkyrie classes

The War Cleric

The fifth class unveiled is called the War Cleric. It is the female equivalent class of the War Monk.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - War Cleric Class Certification

This class also debuted from Fire Emblem: Awakening and is able to use axes and staves in battle. Same with the War Monk, it also boasts high defense coupled with support magic to sustain themselves against enemies.

Information and visuals for the War Cleric are shown through Annette. Brawling (Level B+ or higher) and Faith (Level C+ or higher) is required in order to transition to the new class. This class definitely fits Annette’s combat profile since it could potentially maximize the usage of her hero’s relic weapon, Crusher.

In the current main game, she lags behind Lysithea and Dorothea as your go-to Gremory unit option due to her spell pool and magic growth rates. However, her strength growth rate is superior over them and so fitting for a well-rounded, physical and magical War Cleric class.

For more information and updates on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the Cindered Shadows DLC, visit our game guide page!

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