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Details on Magic Spells in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including an overview and their stats.

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Magic Spells

Magic spells are skills that can be learned by raising a unit’s proficiency in either Reason or Faith. Raising Reason will unlock Dark Magic spells, while increasing Faith will unlock Heal and Assist spells.

Some units have innate spells where, if they learn the spell again, they are able to cast twice the number in battle.

Currently, most of the values for each combat art were taken from previous games. Most names are also roughly translated. We will be updating this as we go along.

Dark Magic

Name Uses Mt Hit Crit Effect
Fire 3
Thunder 45 4
Thoron 4
Wind 45 1 Effective against flying units
Cutting Gale 4 Grants Speed +3
Sagittae 10 16 70 0
Agnea’s Arrow
Miasma Δ
Mire B
Swarm Z 4 1 10 0
Banshee Θ 5
Death Γ 4
Luna Λ
Dark Spikes T
Hades Ω
Bohr Χ
Quake Σ

Heal/ Assist Magic

Name Uses Heal Hit Crit Effect
Heal 20 Restores a small amount of HP to a selected ally.
(Attack Speed +5, Avoid +15, Range 1)
Physic 5 Restores a small amount of HP to a selected ally.
(Attack Speed +5, Avoid+5, Range 1-9)
Nosferatu 12 0 60 0 Absorbs HP equal to damage dealt to enemy
Restore 10 Cures any status conditions of a selected ally.
(Attack Speed +5, Avoid +15, Range 1-4)

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