Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Music Library

Details on music library in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Included are an overview and list of tracks.


The music library is unlocked by default under the Extras option in the main menu. In the library, you can listen to various Three Houses music at your own pace.

How to unlock more songs

After completing the main story, you’ll unlock more songs in the Extras option. Still, some songs can only be unlocked by setting the language to Japanese. One of these is sung by Rhea, while the other is played when the credits roll.

Music Library

Below is a compilation of the available tracks in the music library. Some songs have two versions namely rain and thunder which can be toggled using the x button. The list below does not include the amiiboo themes.

Main themes

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme
  • The Crest of Flames
  • The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) Short Version

Map themes

  • Fodlan Winds
  • Blue Skies and a Battle
  • Tearing Through Heaven
  • Roar of Dominion
  • Chasing Daybreak
  • Between Heaven and Earth
  • The Long Road
  • God-Shattering Star
  • A Funeral of Flowers
  • The Apex of the World
  • Dwellings of the Ancient Gods
  • Shambhala (Area 17 Redux)
  • Tempest of Seasons
  • Wrath Strike
  • The Verge of Death
  • Paths That Will Never Cross
  • Indomitable Will

Character themes

  • The Spirit Dais
  • Guardian of Starlight
  • Gazing at Sirius
  • Song of the Nabateans (Japanese)

Cutscene themes

  • Respite and Sunlight
  • A Gentle Breeze
  • Funny Footsteps
  • Recollection and Regret
  • Somewhere to Belong
  • Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters
  • Spiderweb
  • Beyond the Crossroads
  • A Lonely Figure
  • Beneath the Banner

Free Exploration themes

  • Tactics
  • Anxiety

House themes

  • The Leader’s Path
  • The King of Lions
  • Golden Deer and Crescent Moon
  • A Dark Sign

Enemy themes

  • Mask of Fire
  • Those Who Sow Darkness

Other cutscenes

  • Dark Clouds Gather
  • Arcana Code
  • Farewell
  • A Vow Remembered
  • A Promise
  • Unfulfilled
  • A Place to Rest

Activity themes

  • Learning Lessons
  • Seeking New Heights
  • Hungry March
  • Teatime Joy
  • Words to Believe In
  • Hope as a Melody
  • Battle on the Waterfront
  • White Heron Waltz


  • The Land Beloved by the Goddess
  • Three Crowns
  • Still Horizon

Free Exploration themes

  • A Guide for the Future
  • Life at Garreg Mach Monastery
  • Broken Routine
  • Scales of the Goddess
  • Garreg Mach Cathedral
  • People of the Marketplace
  • As Swift as Wind
  • As Fierce as Fire

Death theme

  • The Dream is Over

Ending theme

  • A Star in the Morning Sky

Credits theme

  • The Edge of Dawn (Japanese)
  • The Color of Sunrise

Special Cutscenes

  • Revenge
  • The Archbishop
  • The Officers Academy
  • The Night of the Ball
  • Fated Death
  • Awakening
  • Descent
  • Loathing
  • Rematch
  • Javelins of Light
  • The Curse
  • Courage and Tragedy
  • Wailing
  • Citizens of the East
  • A World for Humanity
  • Light and Shadow
  • A New Dawn


  • Corridor of the Tempest
  • Steam Baths Respite

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