Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story Implements Preset Classes and Skills

Detailed explanation on the preset classes and character skills to be implemented in Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Side Story.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story Implements Preset Classes and Skills

Preset Classes and Skills to be Applied in Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems shared more information about its incoming Cindered Shadows DLC through Fire Emblem Japan’s official twitter page. In particular, details shared is about the preset classes and character skills to be implemented for each character in the DLC side story.

Character Classes and Skills are Predetermined

By the looks of it, the Cindered Shadows DLC will most likely not feature a tutoring and class certification system. Instead, certain classes are already unlocked and switchable per character while playing the side story. To add further, the new four classes will be available for the selected main game characters appearing in DLC.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Cindered Shadows Preset Classes and Skills

The first image above is a re-class selection screen. It shows that Byleth (and possibly the rest of his class) already acquired advanced classes. Looking further, it appears that there are no beginner tier classes shown. This means that position-related combat arts such as Swap, Reposition, Shove, and Draw Back may not be available. Also, mastered abilities such as Speed +2, Defense +2, Strength +2, and Magic +2 will not be acquired.

Moreover, two of the classes set to Byleth such as the Commoner and Mercenary class are already mastered. If the side story’s first mission battle starts with all units at higher levels, these low tier classes will get maxed as soon as possible due to their opponents being higher-level units as well.

Character Skills are also Fixed

In addition to the preset classes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems also mentioned that skill levels of each playable character is also fixed.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Balthus and the War Monk class

Since there is no related image shown in the tweet, it is possible that each unit’s skills are consistent with their preset classes. For example, if Dimitri uses a Paladin class his possible skills might include Riding, Lance, and Sword.

Character Abilities and Combat Arts are Still Customizable

Although each character’s class options and skills are already locked in Cindered Shadows, players can still customize other aspects of their units. This includes each unit’s Abilities and Combat Arts.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Cindered Shadows Character Abilities

The second shared image shows a battle preparation screen focusing on a unit’s set of abilities. The image features Edelgard as a Fortress Knight who already has nine abilities.

In particular, her equipped abilities on the left are as follows:

  • Sword Prowess Level 2
  • Axe Prowess Level 3
  • Authority Level 3
  • Lancebreaker
  • Battalion Vantage

As for her available abilities on the right, they include:

  • HP +2
  • Resistance +2
  • Weight -3
  • Model Leader

Her abilities shown are related to her as an Armored Knight and Fortress Knight class. Also, to her being a Lord class unit.

Where are the Ashen Wolves?

Since the two images shared by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems do not feature the Ashen Wolves, it is possible that the battle map showcased is the beginning chapter of the Cindered Shadows side story. It is likely that Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and students such as Hilda, Ashe, and Linhardt volunteered to explore and investigate the underbelly of Garreg Mach Monastery.

While in their investigation, they likely encountered the suspicious figures coming in and out the Abyss. Then, the Ashen Wolves got mixed into the battle seeing the suspicious figures and Byleth’s party as a common threat to their hidden town.

Battle Map Features and Difficulty

Lastly, it was said that the Cindered Shadows battle maps will have special gimmicks and will be more difficult than the main game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows Battle Map

In the Cindered Shadows trailer, we saw Yuri using a “position swap” warp assist spell to help Byleth. If other movement spells will be removed, players will really have to depend on the Ashen Wolves students in order to pull off amazing strategies and maneuvers in battle.

For more information and updates about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including the Cindered Shadows Side Story, visit our game guide page!

Sources: Fire Emblem JP and Reddit

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