Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Golden Deer House

An overview of the history and notable members of the Golden Deer, one of the three noble houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The Golden Deer

The Golden Deer house is one of three student houses in Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officer’s Academy. Students in this house belong to the Leicester Alliance in eastern Fodlan and are expert archers.

The head of the Golden Deer house is Claude von Riegan, the future leader of the Leicester Alliance.

Golden Deer


Character Description
ClaudeClaude Head of the Golden Deer house from the noble line that reigns over the Leicester Alliance. Outwardly carefree but a keen individual.
LorenzLorenz The firstborn son of Duke Gloucester. Constantly tries to charm ladies in the monastery, though he has yet to succeed.
HildaHilda The duke’s daughter who is obsessed with fashion and luxury.
RaphaelRaphael Descended from a merchant family in Leicester. Became an orphan when his parents died in an accident.
LysitheaLysithea Firstborn daughter of Duke Cordelia. Known as the houses’ magical prodigy.
IgnaceIgnatz Second son in a wealthy family of merchants. Set his sights on becoming a knight after failing to inherit the family business.
MarianneMarianne The shy adopted daughter of Duke Edmund. Is extremely devoted to the Goddess of Fodlan.
Leonie A hunter’s daughter. Joined Jeralt’s mercenary group as an apprentice.

Other Factions

Black Eagles House Blue Lions House Golden Deer House
Church of Seiros Those Who Slither in the Dark Non-faction

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