Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Paralogue Battle List

A list of paralogue battles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. These battles give more information about the students of the Officer's Academy.

Paralogue Battles

Paralogue Battles are character or pair-specific missions accessible during the weekends. Each paralogue gives more insight into the characters’ backstories and personalities.

Learning more about the students is needed in order to strengthen your bond with them. Finish paralogue battles not only to build deeper connections with your students, but to gain EXP as well.

Quest List

List of Paralogues

Tales of the Red Canyon

Unit/s Sothis
Available Until 1/25
Suggested Level 15
Sothis has a request for you, Byleth…
At her insistence, you travel alone to the Red Canyon, followed by curious students.

Rumored Nuptials

Unit/s Ingrid and Dorothea
Available Until 2/22
Suggested Level 13
Ingrid receives an unexpected proposal of marriage from a noble of rising status. As soon as Dorothea hears the name, she is adamantly against any engagement between them…

Death Toll

Unit/s Raphael and Ignatz
Available Until 2/22
Suggested Level 15
Ignatz and Raphael, two sons of merchant families, set out to put an end to a series of monster attacks on merchants in Alliance territory.

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