Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Pagan Altar Guide

Details on the Pagan Altar in Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows. Included are an overview and lists.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Pagan Altar Guide

Pagan Altar

The Pagan Altar is a site where you can offer items as tribute to the gods to gain renown points. Renown can be spent to purchase other weapons and items by unlocking the Inspire Worship feature from the Influencer.

Abyss Map and Facilities

How to Unlock

The Pagan Altar is unlocked after clearing Chapter 1: The Fourth House in the Cindered Shadows DLC. However, its function will only work in the main story. To unlock the Inspire Worship feature, talk to the Influencer in the main game. It costs 500 renown points to unlock Inspire Worship.

Cindered Shadows DLC Story Walkthrough

Weapons and items which can be bought using renown points can be viewed at the bulletin board.

List of Inspire Worship Weapons

Sword Weapons

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Brave Sword 800 Limited: 3
Killing Edge 600 Unlimited
Levin Sword 600 Limited: 3
Rapier 600 Limited: 3
Devil Sword 600 Limited: 3
Wo Dao 900 Limited: 3
Venin Edge 400 Unlimited
Iron Sword+ 400 Unlimited
Steel Sword+ 600 Unlimited
Silver Sword+ 800 Unlimited
Training Sword+ 300 Unlimited

Lance Weapons

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Brave Lance 800 Limited: 3
Killer Lance 700 Unlimited
Spear 800 Limited: 3
Blessed Lance 600 Limited: 3
Venin Lance 400 Unlimited
Iron Lance+ 500 Unlimited
Steel Lance+ 600 Unlimited
Silver Lance+ 800 Unlimited
Training Lance+ 400 Unlimited

Axe Weapons

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Brave Axe 800 Limited: 3
Killer Axe 700 Unlimited
Bolt Axe 700 Limited: 3
Tomahawk 900 Limited: 3
Devil Axe 600 Limited: 3
Venin Axe 400 Unlimited
Iron Axe+ 500 Unlimited
Steel Axe+ 600 Unlimited
Silver Axe+ 900 Unlimited
Training Axe+ 400 Unlimited

Bow Weapons

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Brave Bow 800 Limited: 3
Killer Bow 700 Unlimited
Magic Bow 700 Limited: 3
Long Bow 800 Limited: 3
Blessed Bow 600 Limited: 3
Venin Bow 400 Unlimited
Iron Bow+ 500 Unlimited
Steel Bow+ 600 Unlimited
Silver Bow+ 800 Unlimited
Training Bow+ 400 Unlimited

Gauntlet Weapons

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Dragon Claws 1000 Limited: 3
Killer Knuckles 1000 Unlimited
Aura Knuckles 1000 Limited: 3
Iron Knuckles+ 400 Unlimited
Steel Knuckles+ 500 Unlimited
Silver Knuckles+ 700 Unlimited
Training Knuckles+ 300 Unlimited

List of Inspire Worship Items

Name Cost (Renown) Stock
Speed Ring 2,000 Limited: 1
Goddess Ring 2,000 Limited: 1
Prayer Ring 2,000 Limited: 1
Magic Staff 2,000 Limited: 1
Healing Staff 2,000 Limited: 1
Beginner Seal 200 Unlimited
Intermediate Seal 300 Unlimited
Advanced Seal 500 Unlimited
Master Seal 1,000 Limited: 5
Abyssian Exam Pass 750 Unlimited
Door Key 100 Unlimited
Chest Key 100 Unlimited
Master Key 200 Unlimited

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  1. I am so glad I stumbled onto this website it’s so helpful omg ???? thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of this
    Sincerely, a random Fire Emblem fan girl

  2. An efficient way to gain renown with the altar is by buying items from the monastery market place and offering them for renown. A quick look at the market prices vs renown gained yields these results:
    2 star=250g / 5 renown
    3 star=500g / 10 renown

    1 star=50g / 5 renown
    2 star = 100g / 10 renown
    3 star = 300g / 15 renown

    1 star = 100g / 2 renown
    2 star = 300g / 5 renown

    2 star = 500g / 5 renown
    3 star = 1000g / 10 renown
    4 star = 1500g / 15 renown

    The best renown to money spent ratio are the 1 and 2 star herbs. Note, I only tested items that you can buy an unlimited supply of during the campaign

  3. The List of Inspire Worship Weapons is incomplete

    It only shows the swords and 3 spears. It’s missing the axes, bows, and Gauntlets. As well as most of the spears

    • Nice! Thanks for completing it! More items are available to buy the more you progress. So I wasn’t sure if the item I wanted would be available later.

      Sadly, you can’t buy Indra’s Arrow. But I guess we have Dark Fliers now.

      • Thanks for reminding us in your first post, Micman Guy.

        We’ll update this page once we reached the post-time skip of the main story