Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Which House Should You Choose?

A guide on choosing a student house to join in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the characteristics of each house's leader, notable students, and features after the five-year story progression.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Choosing your House

When starting a new game, you will need to choose a student house that you would like to mentor. Below are some notable features of each of the three houses and their students to help you decide which one suits your playstyle and the way you want to experience the game. In terms of the students from each house, important things to look for are their initial stats, strengths, weaknesses, and personal abilities.

Black Eagles
Black Eagles Blue Lions Golden Deer

Recruiting Characters from Other Houses

You can recruit characters from other houses by meeting their required levels in various proficiencies. Once you have chosen a house, other house leaders cannot be recruited. Hubert from the Black Eagles and Dedue from the Blue Lions also cannot be persuaded to join you. All students from the Golden Deer, except the house leader Claude, can be recruited to your house.

Recruiting Characters from Other Houses

Characters can be recruited before and after the five-year story progression. For the latter, you may need to defeat certain characters in combat for them to join you.

Five-Year Story Progression

The story will progress five years in time, pitting your house against the two that you did not choose. Your house leader will also gain access to an exclusive master level class with unique abilities. It is important to consider the advantages of each house in the future as well.

Choosing the Black Eagles Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Choosing Black Eagles House

House Features

  • Not a recommended starting house for beginners due to limited capability for defense. However, it can be resolved by the player’s strong understanding of budding talents and tutoring.
  • Consist of strong offensive characters both on physical and magic attacks. Personal abilities are mostly self-buff and debuff-related
  • Predominantly composed of characters with high sword and magic proficiencies.
  • Less sought after house when it comes to character recruitment except for Petra and Ferdinand.

House Leader


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Edelgard von Hraesvelgr

  • Hardest-hitting melee house leader of the three characters at the start of the game.
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, axes, authority, heavy armor) allows her to dish out and soak up damage well
  • Gains monster breaker combat art at C+ ax proficiency. Useful against all monsters frequently encountered in the main story.
  • Consistent melee powerhouse throughout the game.

Edelgard Stats

Notable House Students


  • Good all-around initial stats to build her up as a strong melee or ranged attacker
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, axes, bows, flying) make her a versatile character to train
  • Hunter’s Boon is an exceptional personal ability, giving her +20 critical hit chance against enemies with 50% HP or less

Petra Stats


  • Good all-around initial stats to build him up as a pure melee character
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, lances, axes, riding) make him a natural mounted unit
  • Confidence gives him increased hit and avoidance when at full HP.

Ferdinand Stats

Five-year Game Progression

Edelgard gains emperor class

  • Unique ability to seal an enemy’s movement.

Emperor Class Stats

Edelgard’s Hero’s Relic

  • Allows her to use raging storm. Effective against dragon enemies and allows her to move again after combat.

Death Knight Stats

Main Enemies

Choosing the Blue Lions House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Choosing Blue Lions House

House Features

  • A highly recommended starting house for beginners due to skill proficiency flexibility and different class potential of characters.
  • Consist of well-rounded characters in terms of offense, defense, support, and survivability on the battlefield.
  • Predominantly composed of characters with riding, flying, and heavy armor proficiencies.
  • The most sought after house when it comes to character recruitment. This includes Felix, Ingrid, Mercedes, and Sylvain.

House Leader


  • Good all-around initial stats (slightly inferior to Edelgard in terms of melee combat)
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, lances, authority) make him a natural melee character, though axes is his weakness.
  • Training him to be a mounted unit requires triggering his budding talent for riding.

Dimitri Stats

Notable House Students


  • Good all-around initial stats to build her up as a strong melee character
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, lances, riding, flying) make her a natural mounted unit
  • Lady Knight gives her higher might and hit rate when using gambits

Ingrid Stats


  • Initial stats lean toward building her as a support character with high initial magic resistance
  • Spread of proficiencies (reason, faith) further affirms her primary role as a healer and secondary offensive mage
  • Live to serve ability grants her the same amount of HP when healing allies for exceptional survivability

Mercedes Stats

Five-year Game Progression

Dimitri gains great lord class

  • Unique ability moves unit back one space after attacking

Great Lord Stats

Dimitri’s Hero’s Relic

  • Allows him to use atrocity. Effective against all types of enemies. Extremely versatile and powerful.


Choosing the Golden Deer House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Choosing Golden Deer House

House Features

  • Next to Blue Lions when it comes to a recommend house to start with.
  • Also, consist of strong offensive characters with personal abilities. However, personal abilities are mostly ally-based or terrain-based.
  • Predominantly composed of characters with high bow and brawl proficiencies.
  • Better than Black Eagles when it comes to character recruitment particularly with Leonie and Lysithea.

House Leader


  • Very similar initial stats to Dimitri but with a focus on magic, dexterity, and speed.
  • The only bow proficient house leader, making him a consistent offensive threat in missions
  • Spread of proficiencies (swords, bows, authority, riding, flying) make him very versatile. His budding talent is axes. This makes the most flexible house leader to train.

Claude Stats

Notable House Students


  • Initial stats focus on magic, dexterity, and speed
  • Spread of proficiencies (faith and reason) makes her a natural offensive mage.
  • Mastermind allows her to gain 2x skill experience

Lysithea Stats


  • Good all-around initial stats to build her up as a strong melee or ranged attacker
  • Spread of proficiencies (lances, bows, riding) make her a mounted unit or archer
  • Rivalry grants her increased damage and defense when entering battle with an adjacent male ally.

Leonie Stats

Five-year Game Progression

Claude gains Barbarossa class

  • Unique ability is a bow attack with exceptional range.

Barbarossa Stats

Claude’s Hero’s Relic

  • Allows him to use fallen star. Effective against dragons and lets him dodge all of an enemy’s attacks.


  • Liberation King Forces

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