Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Professor Level Guide

A guide on professor level in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the ways to raise it and the various upgrades each level unlocks.

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What is Professor Level?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Professor Level

Professor level is a key parameter that affects your actions, measured through activity points, while at the monastery. Raising it allows you to spend more time mentoring students, receive more funds for activities, and gain more activity points during free days.

You can also assign adjutants with a higher professor level. These are characters that you can pair-up with other units to aid them in battle. Adjutants will also earn experience this way, making it a good method to level-up weaker units. You can assign more adjutants by increasing your professor level.

It is important to raise your professor level as you progress through the main story. Doing so allows you to efficiently train and better equip your students for tougher battles later on.

Activity Points

The number of activity points you have depends on your Professor Level. As a novice professor, you’ll start off with one Activity Point at Level E. You need to raise your Professor Level to earn more points.

Monastery Activities

Monastery Activity Activity Points Consumed Experience Earned
Quests Free Depends on the quest
Fishing Free, if you have lures Depends on the quest
Gardening Free 300 exp
Marketplace Shopping Free None
Read personal notes at the advice box. Free To be determined
Spend renown Free Depends on the renown spent
Scan amiibo Free None
Choir Practice 1 200 exp
Cooking Together 1 150 exp
Dining 1, can be repeated 200 exp
Training Grounds 1, can be repeated 300 exp
Seminar 1 To be determined
Faculty Training Guide 1, one time To be determined
Tea Time 1, can be repeated To be determined

How to Increase Professor Level

You can gain experience to increase your professor level through a number of actions. These include constant and proper mentoring, sharing a meal with students and colleagues, and engaging in free day activities.

Getting to know your students and colleagues more by checking their belongings also nets you experience.

Professor Levels and Upgrades

Level Monastery Activity Points Tutoring Points Battle Points Adjutant Slots Gardening Seed Plots Monthly Funds
E 1 point 0 point 0 point 0 slot
E+ 2 points 3 points 1 point 0 slot 1 plot 2,ooo gold
D 3 points 4 points 1 point 0 slot 2 plots 3,ooo gold
D+ 4 points 4 points 1 point 0 slot 2 plots 4,ooo gold
C 5 points 5 points 1 point 1 slot 3 plots 5,ooo gold
C+ 6 points 5 points 2 points 1 slot 3 plots 5,ooo gold
B 7 points 6 points 2 points 2 slots 4 plots 5,ooo gold
B+ 8 points 6 points 2 points 2 slots 4 plots 5,ooo gold
A 9 points 7 points 2 points 3 slots 5 plots 5,ooo gold
A+ 10 points 7 points 3 points 3 slots 5 plots 5,ooo gold

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