Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 22 – Oath of the Dagger Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 22 - Oath of the Dagger in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle, Infernal Clash at the Capital.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 22: Oath of the Dagger


BylethByleth Dimitri

Character List

Walkthrough: Garreg Mach

1 Talk to Dimitri.
2 Finish the “Infernal Clash at the Capital” main mission.

Mission Battle: Infernal Clash at the Capital

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Player Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Ingrid IconIngrid

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Final Boss
Imperial Soldiers (Grappler)
Imperial Soldiers (Mortal Savant)
Imperial Soldiers (Sniper)
Imperial Soldiers (Assassin)
Imperial Soldiers (Dark Bishop)
Imperial Soldiers (Warrior)
Imperial Soldiers (Gremory)
Demonic Beast x3

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Infernal Clash at the Capital Strategy

1) Avoid Myson

Oath of the Dagger

Myson, located to the east, carries the tome Bohr X which depletes one unit’s HP to 1. It is best to stay away from his range (shown in the screenshot above) by traveling to the west and defeating the units there.

From the west, slowly advance to the north until you reach a demonic beast and a few enemy mortal savants and dark bishops. Use your heavy hitters against the beast to take it down in one or two turns while your other units defeat the smaller enemies.

The enemy units in the center, mainly consisting of powerful mortal savants and grapplers, may start following you. Deal with them by primarily using Byleth and Dimitri, then advance to the center of the map.

The gremories in the throne room to the north have a very wide range. In Classic Mode, if you want to go to the throne room, you will have to leave some units in the lower section of the center room and just let your powerful units like Dimitri, Byleth, and Seteth go inside.

They will be able to defeat these gremories easily as long as they are close to each other and if they have high support levels.

2) Defeating the Final Boss

During the start of the enemy’s turn, the final boss will be able to attack your party from anywhere on the map, but this attack has a low chance of hitting the target. This is quite troublesome to deal with, so make sure that you heal the targeted unit if ever they are hit. Take note that the final boss usually targets the unit with the lowest HP.

After taking care of the gremories in the throne room, it will be time to face the final boss. This monstrosity has four HP bars and it can heal itself before its turn, so it is important to deal damage constantly.

If you defeated the other enemies in the throne room, you can place your healers inside and have them replenish the attackers’ HP. Use Fortify or Physic for better healing results.

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  1. The first thing to strive for is to warp Byleth near Myson and clobber him with the fancy sword. This removes all of the “mysterious mage” units immediately, and prevents their reinforcements from showing up. Bring somebody who can Warp….