Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 22 – Fodlan’s New Dawn Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 22 - Fodlan's New Dawn in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle, For the Freedom of Fodlan.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fodlan's New Dawn

Chapter 22: Fodlan’s New Dawn


BylethByleth ClaudeClaude

Character List

Walkthrough: Garreg Mach (Verdant Rain Moon)

1 Talk to Claude.
2 Do school activities and side missions before the last day of the month.
4 Finish the “For the Freedom of Fodlan” main mission

Mission Battle: For the Freedom of Fodlan

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commanders.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Player Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Final Boss
Blaiddyd (Dark Knight)
Goneril (War Master)
Daphnel (Holy Knight)
Gloucester (Bishop)
Charon (Mortal Savant)
Gautier (Great Knight)
Dominic (Wyvern Lord)
Fraldarius (Falcon Knight)
Riegan (Bow Knight)
Lamine (Gremory)
Ancient Soldiers (Mortal Savant)
Ancient Soldiers (Great Knight)
Ancient Soldiers (Fortress)
Ancient Soldiers (Paladin)
Ancient Soldiers (Wyvern Lord)
Ancient Soldiers (Gremory)
Ancient Soldiers (Hero)
Ancient Soldiers (Bishop)
Ancient Soldiers (Falcon Knight)

Obtainable Items

Item Location

For the Freedom of Fodlan Strategy

1) Defeat the Ten Commanders

As long as the ten commanders are still alive, you will not be able to deal damage to the final boss at the eastern end of the map.

Be wary of the swamp tiles as they can damage your units. Having two or three flying units gains you an advantage over the terrain since they are not affected by said tiles.

The first commander that you have to defeat is on the right (Blaiddyd,) since it is the closest to your units.

After that, you need to maneuver around the area to kill the seven commanders from the center to the north. Claude and Seteth can easily deal with these commanders as long as they are constantly healed by white magic users. The spell Psychic is great to have if the magic user is far away from Claude or Seteth. Let your other units attack the other enemies.

You can also place your low movement units to the center of the map to use the onager and the ballast. You can use these tiles as long as you defeat the enemies guarding them. These tiles will help you eliminate the Falcon Knight commander positioned next to the final boss. It may take multiple turns for the commander to be killed using this strategy, but it will stop him from moving.

After killing Commander Lamine to the northeast, the swamp will disappear.

2.) Defeating the Final Boss

After eliminating the ten commanders, it is time to face the final boss of Claude’s story route. One of the only ways to defeat the boss is by relying on Byleth’s Sublime Heaven combat art, which has a high critical rate. You can also use units that have high chances of landing a critical hit.

Once one of your units deals a devastating blow, Claude and some members of your party can deal chip damage to finish off the final boss.

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