Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Assassin Class

Details on the assassin class for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are their stats and a short description of their specialties.


assassin class

Icon assassin class

An advanced class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, assassins can kill opponents in one strike using their Lethality skill. However, without this skill, an assassin can only deal fairly low damage. This class relies heavily on its high skill stat to increase its chances to use Lethality.


HP Strength Defense Skill
Speed Magic Resistance Movement

Due to their low HP and defense, they most rely on their speed to dodge attacks and survive in battle. Assassins should stay away from swordmasters and grapplers since most of their attacks do not miss.

Certification Requirement

Specialty Proficiency Level
Sword B or higher
Bow C or higher

Class Skills

Name Effect
Lethality Allows the unit to kill the target instantly
Swordfaire Might +5 when unit equips a sword
Locktouch Unit can open doors and chests without a key
Silent Step Unit has higher chance to draw less attention from enemies

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