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Details on Tea Party in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including an overview, how to unlock, how to host, and perfect tea time.

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Tea Party Overview

A tea party is an activity that you can select to celebrate someone’s birthday in the monastery. In order to carry on a conversation, you need to choose the topic that is most appropriate to your partner. When the tea party ends, you’ll earn some support boost and possibly charm depending on your performance.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Flayn Tea Party Guide

How to Unlock the Tea Party Events

You need to complete the quest as early as Chapter 4, the Blue Sea Moon.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Tea for Two Quest

1 Head to the stables for a quest.
2 Converse with Ferdinand and accept the quest.
3 Check the map to pinpoint the location of the recipient which is Lorenz.
4 Deliver the Elegant Tea set.

How to Acquire Tea Leaves

  1. Pick up tea leaves around Garreg Mach Monastery
  2. Acquire tea leaves from accomplished quests.
  3. Buy tea leaves from the marketplace, particularly from the eastern and southern traveling merchants.

How to Host a Tea Party

After unlocking the option, you need to gather some materials in preparation for your guest. In order to carry on a tea party, you need to have some tea leaves. You can obtain these by exploring the monastery, completing quests, or buying them from merchants.

Different Types of Tea

Name of Tea Grade Details Cost
Sweet-Apple Blend ★★ A tea blended with two types of apple peels. Elegant and sweet, it is popular among common folk and nobles alike. 500 gold
Albinean Berry Blend ★★ Dried Albinean berries give this black tea its fragrance. The sweet, relaxing scent is popular among many. 500 gold
Southern Fruit Blend ★★ A blend with unique dried fruit from the south. Popular for its intoxicatingly strong, bright notes. 500 gold
Mint Leaves ★★ An invigorating mint blend that revitalizes and refreshes all who partake. 500 gold
Almond Blend ★★ A refined, nutty tea that is blended with leaves and thinly sliced almonds. 500 gold
Ginger Tea ★★ The sharp spiciness of ginger laces the body of this tea, unforgettable and brightening. 500 gold
Angelica Tea ★★ A cleansing herbal tea blended with angelica. 500 gold
Tea of the Saints ★★ Even commoners have tried this cost-efficient tea, which is a mixture of the herbs. It’s a tad bitter. Not purchasable
Almyran Pine Needles ★★★ This tea is comprised of oxidized pine needles from eastern Almyra, giving it a distinct, earth tone. 1,000 gold
Crescent-Moon Tea ★★★ Fermented dried seeds blended with tea leaves. It has a soft and subtle flavor, akin to the gentle light of the moon. 1,000 gold
Honeyed-Fruit Blend ★★★ A candied blend made up of dried, honeyed fruits. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this tea can’t be beat. 1,000 gold
Lavender Blend ★★★ Tiny dried purple lavandula flowers are sprinkled into this refreshing floral tea. 1,000 gold
Chamomile ★★★ A stark white floral tea with bright notes, this blend calms the nerves and heightens concentration. 1,000 gold
Bergamot ★★★★ The bright notes of this tea stem from an infusion of citrus oils. This blend is highly favored by nobility. 1,500 gold
Rose Petal Blend ★★★★ Black tea laced with rose petals. A classic floral blend often enjoyed among Kingdom and Alliance nobles. 1,500 gold
Four-Spice Blend ★★★★ A novelty tea blended with four unique spices inspired by the Four Saints. Enjoyment requires a mature palate. 1,500 gold
Dagda Fruit Blend ★★★★ A stark bitter fruit from Dagda makes this black tea particularly pungent. Connoisseurs enjoy its unique flavor. 1,500 gold
Cinnamon Blend ★★★★ Its unique taste appeals to similarly unique people. 1,500 gold
Seiros Tea ★★★★ A black tea common to the south of Almyra, it is fairly basic in its flavors. 1,500 gold
Hresvelg Blend ★★★★★ Its refined flavor brings sheer bliss. 2,000 gold
Leicester Cortania ★★★★★ A specialty tea from the Alliance blended with a variety of leaves from the east. 2,000 gold

The Flow of the Tea Party

During a tea party, you have three chances to speak up. Every time you choose the correct answer, the support boost will increase. If you commit two mistakes, your guest will lose interest and the party will end. Choose your topics carefully to keep your guest entertained.

Character Interests, Likes and Dislikes

Unlocking the Fourth Topic

If you made all three topic choices correctly, you will earn an additional chance to continue your conversation with a fourth topic. As mentioned above, you need to use your best judgment to appeal to your guest.

Finishing a Tea Party

Regardless of the outcome, the tea party will eventually end and both you and your guest will earn support boost and charm. The number of points you earn will depend on your performance during the tea party proper.

Tea Party Performance

Performance Support boost and Charm
Failure Support +1 or +2
Good Support +3, Charm +1 (might depend on tea leaf)
Great Support +5, Charm +1
Perfect Support +6, Charm +1

Perfect Tea Time

If you managed to entertain your guest for the longest time, you will unlock other features such as adjusting the camera angle and giving a gift.

Changing the Camera Angle

One of the two options that you will unlock is the ability to move the camera around. You can change the view to look at your guest or you can make them laugh by pressing a button. It is a novelty option since you don’t gain any additional support boosts.

Giving a Gift

Another bonus feature is the option to bestow a gift. Although you can already do this during the monastery exploration, you can send an additional gift to your chosen recipient even after giving them one during a recent meetup. You’ll be able to earn support boosts more efficiently this way.

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