Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Gilbert Tea Party Guide

Tea party guide for Gilbert in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the character's recommended tea, best topics, conversations, and favorite gifts.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Gilbert Tea Party Guide

Tea Time with Gilbert Prosnirav

Gilbert is one of the Knights of Seiros and an old comrade of Byleth‘s father Jeralt. He is pious, polite, and prefers a no-nonsense approach to activities. As a teacher, he instructs students in the ways of the lance and axe at the Officer’s Academy. Being the opposite of Alois, he exhibits a stern countenance which makes it hard to tell what he’s thinking. He is fond of fishing and various types of cuisine.

Gilbert Character Information

How to Unlock a Tea Time

Accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, Tea for Two, to access tea time events with characters on birthdays and free exploration.

Tea Party Guide

Recommended Tea

Name of Tea Rating
Almond Blend  ★★
Lavender Blend ★★★

Impactful Conversations

Possible Topic
  • “A new gambit…”
  • “A word of advice…”
  • “Children at the market…”
  • “Favorite sweets…”
  • “Mighty weapons…”
  • “Overcoming weaknesses…”
  • “Reliable allies…”
  • “Strange fish in the pond…”
  • “The last battle…”
  • “Working hours for guards…”
  • “A place you’d like to visit…”
  • “Books you’ve read recently…”
  • “Equipment upkeep…”
  • “Fodlan’s future…”
  • “Monastery rules…”
  • “Perfect recipes…”
  • “Shareable snacks…”
  • “Thanks for everything…”
  • “The library’s collection…”
  • “Working together…”
  • “A strong battalion…”
  • “Capable comrades…”
  • “Evaluating allies…”
  • “I’m counting…”
  • “Monastery security…”
  • “Potential training partners…”
  • “Someone you look up to…”
  • “The ideal professor…”
  • “Wood carving…”
  • “Your ambitions…”

Final Conversation

Possible Final Conversation
“Walking first thing in the morning is a pleasant way to begin your day. Try it sometime.”
Answer: Nod
“I enjoy a bit of fishing. I hear you do as well?”
Answer: Nod
“Spear, sword, archery, martial arts, soldiery… I believe I’ve mastered most things worth mastering.”
Answer: Nod
“I’ve served the royal family for decades, and marched through history by their side.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Sigh
“I am an unforgivable sinner. I do not deserve a peaceful life.”
Answer: Disagree Answer: Praise
“No judge, not even the goddess herself, will bring me to justice. Though I deserve it.”
Answer: Sigh Answer: Praise
“It’s true that strength alone will not make you powerful. Yet you will not become powerful without it.”
Answer: Chat
“The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is the nation of proud knights. I love that country… and miss it deeply.”
Answer: Nod
“I am sorry, but relaxing is…not a skill I possess.”
Answer: Laugh Answer: Praise

Recommended Gifts

Name of Gift Rating
Fishing Float  ★
Goddess Statuette  ★★★
Ceremonial Sword  ★★★★

Gift List and Guide

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