Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Close Ally List

A list of each character's close allies in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Close Allies

Each character will be close to certain allies in the monastery. Pairing them up gives them impressive boosts in hit, avoidance, and gambits. Outside of combat, characters with good relationships will do very well in group tasks.

Black Eagles

Character Close Allies
EdelgardEdelgard HubertHubert LinhardtLinhardt BylethByleth
HubertHubert EdelgardEdelgard
FerdinandFerdinand BernadettaBernadetta LinhardtLinhardt BylethByleth
CasparCaspar LinhardtLinhardt BernadettaBernadetta FerdinandFerdinand
PetraPetra BernadettaBernadetta LinhardtLinhardt CasparCaspar
LinhardtLinhardt EdelgardEdelgard

Blue Lions

Character Close Allies
DimitriDimitri BylethByleth
FelixFelix SylvainSylvain Ingrid BylethByleth

Golden Deer



Character Close Allies <td style=”text-align: center; width=”25%”>ClaudeClaude BylethByleth LorenzLorenz HildaHilda RaphaelRaphael LysitheaLysithea IgnaceIgnatz MarianneMarianne Leonie

Church of Seiros

Character Close Allies
ManuelaManuela BylethByleth
HannemanHanneman BylethByleth
Seteth Flayn
Flayn Seteth
Alois BylethByleth
Shamir Petra CasparCaspar BylethByleth

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