Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Who are the Nightcrawlers?

Get to know Fire Emblem: Three Houses' group of antagonists, the Nightcrawlers. The game will be released on July 26, 2019.

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The Nightcrawlers

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is due for release on July 26, 2019. Ahead of its launch, Nintendo gave us a glimpse of the game’s antagonists known as the Nightcrawlers.

The Nightcrawlers are mysterious individuals who work in the shadows as war begins anew in Fodlan. They have an imposing presence and are likely formidable enemies. While their true motives have yet to be revealed, they are said to be connected with a “fell stone” of untold power.

Flame Emperor

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Flame Emperor

One of two Nightcrawlers first revealed by Nintendo, the other being the Grim Reaper Knight. The player’s character Byleth was said to have foiled one of the Flame Emperor’s plans against the Church of Seiros. The mysterious figure has kept a close watch on the hero since.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Flame Emperor

While the Flame Emperor’s identity is unknown, their origin could be traced back to the Adrestian Empire. This is supported by the character’s “emperor” title and their outfit representing the faction’s main colors. The Flame Emperor also wields an ax, a weapon used by Edelgard and many soldiers of the empire.

Flame Emperor Stats Page

Grim Reaper Knight

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Grim Reaper Knight

An intimidating armored figure who is said to roam the Garreg Mach Monastery at night. People who come face-to-face with the Grim Reaper Knight have been known to disappear. The character radiates a mysterious aura to mark his presence.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Grim Reaper Knight

Fire Emblem Three Houses Grim Reaper Knight

No one knows who the Grim Reaper Knight really is. It is worth noting that the character’s armor features multiple spikes, similar to Nemesis, the Liberation King. This may imply a connection between the two. The Grim Reaper Knight wields a scythe in battle fitting for his namesake.

Grim Reaper Knight Stats Page


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Thales

An enigmatic figure who leads the Nightcrawlers. Thales was seen invoking the power of what may be a crest in the E3 2019 trailer. Solon and Cronje execute his orders, confirming his superiority in the organization.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Thales

Thales has an imposing appearance. He has pale skin, white hair, and lacks pupils. Thales wears a dark red fur cape over his black armor which suggests his noble lineage. The earring on his left ear bears a symbol of what may be a crest.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Thales

Thales also seems to have a large physique. This can be seen in the E3 trailer where a figure that resembles him appears to strangle Cronje, possibly as punishment for failing her mission.

Thales Stats Page


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Solon

An old mage who serves Thales. Solon is said to be wise and cunning, traits he displays while carrying out his master’s orders. In the E3 2019 trailer, Solon can be heard mentioning of a “fell stone that consumes even the darkness itself”.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Solon

Solon has pale skin and white hair similar to Thales, along with an unusual right eye. The latter may be related to Solon’s powers. His enlarged forehead implies his wisdom of things within and beyond human thought. Solon’s outfit consists of a dark robe with a strange crest-like ornament in the middle.

Solon Stats Page


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cronje

Another of Thales’ followers. Cronje is described as a brutal warrior with a child-like personality. She likely serves her master as an assassin. A figure who appears to be Cronje was seen being strangled by a much larger figure. This is implied to be Thales punishing Cronje for her incompetence.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Cronje

Cronje has wavy orange hair and pale skin. Her left eye is red and lined with a black vertical mark. She also sports long black earrings on both ears. Cronje’s attire is a tight fitting black suit with orange and grey linings. Her outfit forms spikes on the sides, exposing her shoulders. Cronje also seems to have a sharp tail that could be used in combat. Cronje wields a dagger as her weapon of choice. This suggests her role as an assassin and spy in the Nightcrawlers.

Cronje Stats Page

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