Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Avoidance Guide

Avoidance calculates the ability of a unit to evade an enemy's attack. There are many factors that can modify a unit's Avoidance.


In the combat forecast, there are a number of variables that affect the outcome of battle. Among them is Avoidance, which is the chance that a unit will completely avoid an attack.

Types of Avoidance

Physical Avoidance

This avoidance gets its value from the character’s attack speed, terrain, support, class ability, equipment ability, and battalion.

Magic Avoidance

Magic avoidance depends on all the same as physical avoidance with the exception of attack speed. Luck and speed also factor into this type of avoidance.

How to raise Avoidance

Weapon Weight

The unit’s weapon affects their attack speed. Since a higher attack speed raises a unit’s avoidance, choose to arm units who can’t soak damage with lightweight weapons.

Certain Tiles

Certain tiles on the battlefield offer bonus Avoidance. Things like forests or fortresses will give the characters standing there a flat boost to their ability to dodge attacks.

Adjacent Units

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Rivalry of the Houses

If a unit stands next to another with whom they have high support, they will earn an Avoidance boost. Always keep this in mind when placing units into formation.

Weapon Ability

Units become more proficient with weapons the more they use them. As they improve, they will eventually earn abilities that not only grant higher offense, but also raise their Avoidance.


Some classes, such as the dancer, gain abilities that raise their Avoidance.

Speed and Luck

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Greenhouse Location

You will have to rely more fully on stats like speed and luck to raise magical Avoidance. One way to raise your unit’s Speed and Luck is to grow plants in the greenhouse. These stats can be raised with special items received from activities like gardening or recruiting students to your house.

List of Conditions

Condition Avoidance type Details Where to find
Attack Speed
  • Physical
The unit’s physical speed stat in combat. Choose equipment that has low weight to raise your Attack Speed.
  • Physical
  • Magic
A favorable terrain grants additional Avoidance. Check the map for spots that give “Avo +.”
  • Physical
  • Magic
Units with high support give Avoidance. Arrange your units so that those with high support are near each other.
Class ability
  • Physical
  • Magic
Some abilities grant Avoidance.
Equipment ability
  • Physical
  • Magic
Abilities learned through instruction. Unlike class abilities, these can be customized. Raise your unit’s weapon prowess through instruction.
  • Physical
  • Magic
Many Battalions grant Avoidance. Hire a battalion in the marketplace.
  • Magic
One of a unit’s base stats. It also affects the unit’s chance to do follow-ups. Use a growth booster.
  • Magic
Another base stat. It is involved in hit percentage calculation and can also decrease the enemy’s critical hit chance. Use a growth booster.

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