Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Latest Famitsu Issue Reveals New Characters and Game Mechanics

Famitsu's latest issue covers new content for Fire Emblem Three Houses which includes new characters, opening story preview, battle mechanics, and school activities.

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New Characters revealed

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter page for the game has been keeping us up to date with their progress on the new characters. So far, the Famitsu website has been focusing on protagonists and support characters who are members of the various houses. The magazine’s June 13, 2019 issue reveals not only the last four students which tie with the ones revealed on social media page, but also two new students and a look at two of the game’s antagonists.

New antagonists

From what we can see, both antagonists appear dreadful and share similar clothing colors. On the left we can see the “god of death” wielding a scythe, and on the right we have the “king of flames” bearing an axe. There’s no question that are they both armored units. They both hail from the Garreg Mach Monastery and plan to sabotage the Officer’s Academy. Bear in mind that these are rough translations of their Japanese names and that the Fire Emblem series has a history of differing names between regions.

Teasers for the main story, combat, and school life

Famitsu will also reveal new content on the story for the game’s opening chapter. It also covers battle mechanics, namely the Gambit Boosts. Aside from updates on the game’s combat system, this issue will give a preview of the school life mechanic which highlights the weekend activities held at the Officer’s Academy. Unfortunately, the scan is too small to decipher at the moment, so we might have to wait for further announcements to find out what these are specifically about.

Check out the official post from Famitsu.

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