Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Official Nintendo Website Unveils Third Tier Classes

Check out the new advanced jobs that are set to appear in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, scheduled to be released on July 26, 2019.

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New Classes

The official Japanese website for Fire Emblem Three Houses has updated their class list. It showcases the advanced classes which serve as a promotion from the intermediate classes.


Three new sword units have been added to the class list. First is the hero, a male exclusive class that has high health, strength, and speed. The second is the swordmaster, which doesn’t have as much health as the hero but, in exchange, has its speed capped at max and rivals the former’s strength.

Last but not the least, we have the assassin who also has tremendous amounts of speed along with moderate dexterity. Going over its other stats, we notice that it lacks health and strength to compete with the other two sword classes. Despite some flaws, its likely that this unit would work best at finishing off weakened foes, though.


We have two new lance classes. These units specialize in soaking melee attacks but fare poorly in speed. The first one is the fortress, an armored unit that sacrifices speed in exchange for max health and defense. A fortress works best on the frontlines as they can protect frail ranged units in the back. However, he needs to depend on support from units with high resilience to avoid getting nuked by opposing magic units. We also have the paladin, a lance unit that has high mobility thanks to his horseback training. His health is a notch below the fortress but his mobility allows free movement across terrain. Each paladin can also fill gaps in formations to prevent flimsy units from being exposed.


Two new axe units have also joined the fray. First is the wyvern rider, a flying unit with superb strength and good defense. A dragon knight has full control over terrain similar to the pegasus knight, however they sacrifice resilience in favor of more strength. Second is the warrior, an axe unit with max strength and above average health and speed. It can actively engage in most battles but still needs to watch out for magic units.


One new bow class was also added. This is the sniper, a bow unit that excels in having the highest dexterity. By securing a vantage point, the sniper can pick off opposing melee units thanks to its ranged attacks.


A promotional job class for the fist fighter was also added. The grappler is an agile class with mastery over martial arts. Looking at its stats, the grappler possesses high health, dexterity, and speed. This unit can overwhelm other melee classes owing to its fast combos.

Dark Magic

On the offensive magic side, we have two new classes added. We have the warlock who has very high magic power and above average speed suitable for nuking foes. There’s also the dark bishop who forgoes speed to gain more dexterity.

Support Magic

The sole defensive magic class to be added. This unit has the highest faith investment. It specializes in healing and buffing allies. The bishop needs protection from melee attacks due to its low defense. Being the only third tier unit to have max resilience, the bishop can continue patching up party members even in the face of opposing mages.

Images were taken from Fire Emblem: Three Houses official Japanese website.

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