Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Player Menu and Mission Assistance Demonstrated at Nintendo France’s Japan Expo 2019 Event

Details about new Fire Emblem: Three Houses information revealed at Nintendo France's Japan Expo 2019. This includes the Player's Menu and Mission Assistance.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo France Japan Expo 2019 Cover

Nintendo France’s Japan Expo 2019 Revealed Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Player Menu and Mission Assistance Option

Nintendo France held its Japan Expo 2019 event in Paris last week which featured Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Mr. Toshiyuki Kusakihara of Nintendo and Mr. Genki Yokota of Intelligent Systems were there to present more information about the game to the attendees. In their presentation, they added new information about familiar in-game activities such as Map Exploration, Tea Parties, and Tutoring. Then, they revealed new information such as the Player Menu and the Mission Assistance option.

Map Exploration Tip

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Monastery Mini-Map Expansion

One of the in-game activities highlighted was map exploration. The presenters added that players can expand their mini-map to help Byleth roam around better at the monastery.

Garreg Mach Monastery Map and Facility List

Consequences of Wrong Dialogue Choices during a Tea Party Event

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Tea Party Dialogue Choices with Petra

Next, the presentation emphasized the consequences of a wrong dialogue choice during a Tea Party event. To demonstrate, the presenters chose Petra as their partner for the free-day activity.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Tea Party with Petra Failed Answer

During a Tea Party, the player is asked to respond to three partner questions correctly to have a “Perfect Tea Time.” Perfect Tea Time allows the player to move his/her camera around their chosen partner. If the player made at least one wrong answer, the Perfect Tea Time option will not be available.

Information on Free-Day Activities

Tutoring Demo Revealed Caspar’s Skill Levels

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Tutoring with Caspar

When it comes to Tutoring, the presenters chose Caspar as an example. While viewing his skill proficiencies, we were able to determine he is better off at Axe and Brawling. Also, we learned that he has low Reason, Bow, and Authority skill levels. Unfortunately, having low Authority means being unable to recruit high-level battalions.

Information on Battalions

Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude Concept Art Showcased

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Edelgard Concept Art

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Claude and Dimitri Concept Art

For a brief moment, the presenters showcased the concept artwork for Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.

Player Menu Revealed

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Player Menu

Then, we saw the Player’s Menu, which looked like a diary or notebook. Based on the menu, we saw different options such as “Objectives,” “List,” “Inventory,” “Support,” “Quests,” “Trade (?),” “Save,” “Guide,” “Options,” and “Calendar.”

Borrow Students from Other Houses through Mission Assistance

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Mission Assistance

Lastly, we learned that we can borrow students from other student factions as an alternative to character recruitment. This option is called Mission Assistance and students can only be borrowed for one month. We also saw from the gameplay that Raphael requires high Strength and Heavy Armor stats for him to be recruited to Byleth’s class.

How to Recruit Characters from Other Houses

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