Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Special Edition Announced

Details about Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Seasons of Warfare Edition releasing on July 26, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Seasons of Warfare Special Edition

With the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses nearing, pre-orders for the special edition are steadily increasing. Interestingly, the first batch of the Seasons of Warfare Edition in North America sold out days after it was announced in February.

What are the special edition contents that makes it highly sought-after by Fire Emblem fans? Let’s take a look.

North America Version

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Seasons of Warfare Edition

The game is inside a steelbook which features artwork by Chinatsu Kurahana, the new character designer for the franchise. She is mostly known for designing characters in Uta no Prince-sama, a popular visual novel series in Japan.

Seasons of Warfare Edition

Source: Reddit (Skyward_Strike)

The artwork shows Seiros, a religious leader, kneeling or praying below a white dragon with her followers behind her. Other dragons are seen flying in the middle of the piece just below the Goddess, an entity who is said to have guided Seiros into building her church. The Church of Seiros serves as the catalyst for the events in the game.

This beautiful artwork is also featured as the cover for the included art book. Not much is known about the book’s contents, but expect that it will include early concept art from Kurahana.

The special edition also has a Sound Selection CD featuring a strange symbol as its cover art. Along with the art book and the CD, this edition includes a 2020 calendar. While we are still a far way from next year, this calendar is a nice desk decoration to show your co-workers that you love the game.

All of these items are packed in a special black and gold box.

Europe and Japan Versions

Seasons of Warfare Edition

The Europe and Japan versions’ contents are a little bit different from the ones seen in the NA edition. The Europe edition has the art book and steelbook, but also has a pin badge set featuring the three houses’ crests is also included. In addition, the Sound Selection songs are inside a USB Stick instead of a CD. These contents are inside a box that features the Goddess artwork by Kurahana.

Seasons of Warfare

The Japan version includes the same art book, but it has a steelbook with different artwork. This version also has an expanded soundtrack CD containing 33 songs. The box features the leaders of the three houses looking at an unknown castle in Fódlan.

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