List of Accessories and Where To Buy Them [Persona 5/ P5]

Detailed guide on Accessories in Persona 5. We will update this as we go along.


Accessories in Persona 5 give additional boosts and effects. When they give you certain effects, they can aid you in battle. Some of these accessories are purchasable. However, they are available only in certain shops around Shibuya. Below, there’s a list of prices and their effects in the different shops around Shibuya.

Airsoft Shop

Name Effect Remarks
Rubber Gloves + Resist Shock Price: 800
Hot Water Pouch + Resist Freeze Price: 1000
Wood Clappers + Resist Burn Price: 1200
Notebook + Resist Forget Price: 1500
Shield Goggles + Resist Dizzy Price: 2400
Strength Belt En +1 Price: 3000
Magic Amulet Ma +1 Price: 3000
Power Anklet St + 1 Price: 3000
Army Socks AG +1 Price: 3000
Lucky Charm Lu +1 Price: 3000
Breath Sash + 10 HP Price: 3000
Chakra Choker SP 10 UP Price: 5000
Brain Guard + Resist Brainwash (Low) Price: 6000
Stamina Sash + 20 HP Price: 6000
Fire Mask + Evade Fire (Low) Price: 10000
Ice Mask + Evade Ice (Low) Price: 10000
Elec Mask + Evade Elec (Low) Price: 10000
Wind Mask Lowers Wind Damage Price: 10000
Mind Choker + 20 SP Price: 10000
Psychic Mask + Reduce Psy dmg (Low) Price: 15000
Heat Mask + Reduce Nuke dmg (Low) Price: 15000
Hamaya Mask + Reduce Bless dmg (Low) Price: 15000
Protect Mask + Reduce Curse dmg (Low) Price: 15000
Knight’s Emblem All stats +1. Price: 100000

Accessory shop 37 ° C (Shibuya station underground mall)

Name Additional effect Remarks
Crimson Ring + Reduce Fire dmg (Low) Price: 8000
Ice Ring + Reduce Ice dmg (Low) Price: 8000
Elec Ring + Reduce Elec dmg (Low) Price: 8000
Wind Ring + Reduce Wind dmg (Low) Price: 8000
Psychic Ring + Reduce Psy dmg (Low) Price: 9000
Atom Ring + Reduce Nuke dmg (Low) Price: 9000
Shoten Ring + Reduce Bless dmg (Low) Price: 9000
Midnight Ring + Reduce Curse dmg (Low) Price: 9000
Crimson Bracelet Increase Damage of Agi spells Price: 20000
Blue Bracelet Increase Damage of Bufu spells Price: 20000
Yellow bracelet Increase Damage of Zio spells Price: 20000
Green bracelet Increase Damage of Garu spells Price: 20000
Round bracelet Boost damage of Psy spells Price: 20000
Star bracelet Boost damage of Nuclear Spells Price: 20000
Pure White bracelet Boosts damage of Blessing Spells Price: 20000
Jet Black bracelet Boosts damage of Curse Spells Price: 20000

Turkame Diamond (Shibuya station Underground Mall)

name Additional effect Remarks
Hunger Gem + Null Hunger Price: 80000
Sleep Gem + Null Sleep Price: 80000
Rage Gem + Null Fury Price: 80000
Despair Gem + Null Fear Price: 80000

Takemi Clinic

name Additional effect Remarks
Hot Compress + Null Freeze Price: 20000
Grudge Gauze + Resist Curse Price: 20000
Thought Gauze + Resist Psy Price: 20000
Regen Patch 1 Regenerate 1; Heals small amount of HP periodically. Price: 30000
Regen Patch 2 Heal medium amount of HP periodically; Regenerate 2. Price: 60000
Regen Patch 3 Regenerate 3; Heal large amount of HP periodically. Price: 90000
SP Adhesive 1 Invigorate 1; Heals small amount of SP periodically. Price: 40000
SP Adhesive 2 Heals medium amount of SP periodically; Invigorate 2. Price: 80000
SP Adhesive 3 Inivgorate 3; Heals large amount of SP periodically. Price: 100000

Road Accessories

Name Additional effect Remarks
Rosette’s belt Casts Tarukaja at the beginning of the battle Price: 24000
Kimono belt Casts Rakukaja at the beginning of the battle Price: 24000
Ida Belt Casts Sukukaja at the beginning of the battle Price: 24000

Darknet Tanaka

name Additional effect Remarks
Heaven’s Mirrior Reflect physical attack by 20% Price: 24000
Rings of Nirvana Blessed damage drastically reduced Price: 30000
Dark Rosary Magic evasion slightly rises Price: 50000
Hercules Anklet Power + 5 Price: 80000
Demon Ring Moderate magical damage reduction Price: 100000
Victory Medal Full capability + 5 Price: 500000

Certain Accessories and their Locations

Name Effect Price/Location
Wild Clogs + Resist Fear Kaneshiro Palace; Inside the Vault
Revenge Mirror + Repel Phys (Low) Kaneshiro Palace; Inside the Vault, 3F
Dandy Mirror + Repel Phys (Med)
Stone of Scone Black Stone + Stone of Scone (Electric Chair)
Queen’s Necklace Black Stone + Queen’s Necklace (Electric Chair)
Midnight Ring + Reduce Curse dmg (Low) Kaneshiro Palace, Inside the Vault
Gale Cape + Evade Wind (Medium) Futaba Palace, Underground Cavern
Mind Choker + 20 SP Futaba Palace, Underground Passageway
Spirit Belt + Reduce Physical dmg (Low) Futaba Palace, Chamber of Rejection
Tiki Keychain Ma+5/En+5 Hawaii Trip (Makoto Gift)
Blitz Ring + Reduce Elec Dmg (Med) Futaba Palace, Chamber of Rejection
Stamina Sash +20 HP Futaba Palace, Chamber of Guilt
Honu Charm En+5/ Lu+5 Hawaii Trip (Hifumi Gift)
Druid Amulet Ma +3 Okumura Palace, Facility Passageway
Hero Eyepatch + Evade Physical (Med) Okumura Palace, Weapon Production
2nd Mate Badge +10 HP Big Bang Burger Challenge (Comet Burger)
1st Mate Badge +30 HP Big Bang Burger Challenge (Gravity Burger)
Big Bang Burger Challenge (
Feng Shui Charm Lu +3 Nijima Palace, Main Floor
Heaven Ring Reduce Bless dmg (Med) Nijima Palace, Staff Passageway

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I am often to running a blog and i actually appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and maintain checking for brand new information.


I didnt see the Orlov Accessory on your list! You can get the Orlov accessory by Executing the Persona Orlov. This accessory grants Magic+3/+Repel Physical (High)… I am Not sure if it protects the whole party or just one party member. When you put Orlov in the Electric Chair Look at the Result Display it says “ALL/Everyone”. If anyone can clear this up for me, please do!


You can also get powerful accessories by itemizing treasure demons, for example crystal skull+black rock=+5 to all stats and high magic damage reduction


There’s a street vendor in Shibuya that sells accessories before completing the 2nd Change of Heart. He has a Black Rock and a few accessories that auto-cast attack up, def up, eva up.