Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Charm Guide

Guide on how to increase the social stat Charm in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included is an overview and the activities that raise Charm.


Charm influences your confidant relationships. Some events like acing exams will give plenty of charm, but these can’t be forced to repeatedly occur. The bulk of activities that boost this parameter appear outside of class, so you need to explore. A visit to the local bathhouse will grant some charm, however, you can’t earn bonus points every day. For a sure fire way to earn a huge boost, you need to time your visit for when it’s raining. Like other social stats, Charm can also be obtained from universal sources like the Big Bang Burger Challenge, reading certain books, and ordering a specific item on the diner’s menu. The purpose of raising Charm is to gain access to higher confidant ranks such as the Death Confidant and Priestess Confidant.

Social Stats

How to increase Charm


Activity Detail Gains
Ace the exams Requires rank 4 Knowledge
You need to check the results
+3 Charm
Dodge the chalk Requires high rank in Proficiency
Occurs on 4/16, 10/15, and 10/24
+2 Charm


Activity Detail Gains
Use the bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya
  • +2 Charm (any other day)
  • Mondays/Thursdays grant a bonus (+1 more)
  • When raining, you’ll either receive an additional +1 Charm or +1 Guts if you prolong your stay


Activity Detail Gains
Ordering Frui-Tea while studying at the diner Will appear on July +1 Charm (+2 Knowledge Clear skies / +3 Knowledge Rainy day)
Visit the Maid Cafe in Akihabara Pick whichever response +2 Charm (will also give +1 Kindness or +1 Guts)


Activity Detail Gains
Watch a DVD in your room Buy the TV from Yumenoshima, Yongen-Jaya

Rent a DVD from Central Street, Shibuya

Each section grants a fixed amount of Charm:

  • Bubbly Hills, 90210 (+2)
  • Not-so-hot Betsy (+3)
Play a video game Purchase a retro game console from Yumenoshima, Yongen-Jaya Each level grants +2 Charm:

  • Gambla Goemon
  • Punch Out


Activity Detail Gains
Do part-time work at Crossroads bar and speak with the woman with an evening dress Requires rank 4 Proficiency, rank 3 Charm, and rank 3 Guts +2 Charm


Activity Detail Gains
Spend time with Toranosuke Yoshida Unlock the Sun Confidant +3 Charm
Spend time with Ichiko Ohya Unlock the Devil Confidant +3 Charm


Activity Detail Gains
Finish reading books Can be done in the library, on the passenger’s seat of the train, or on the stool in Leblanc Each of these books grants +3 Charm:

  • The Alluring Dancer
  • Playing the Game
  • Reckless Casanova
Watch the movie “Love Possibly”
  • Premieres in July
  • Accept Ann’s invitation to watch the movie
+3 Charm
Drink juice at Shibuya Underground Walkway Can be bought every Sunday and raises a random stat +1 Charm
Big Bang Burger Challenge Requires: Rank 2 in Knowledge, Guts, and Proficiency (Succeeding challenges require +1 to the above mentioned social stats)
  • Comet Burger +1 Charm
  • Gravity Burger +2 Charm
  • Cosmic Tower Burger +3 Charm

Also raises Knowledge, Proficiency, and Guts by 1/2/3

Play billiards Can be accessed at the Kichijoji bar.

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