Persona 5 Royal - How to Unlock All Showtime Attacks

Guide on how to unlock all showtime attacks in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal - How to Unlock All Showtime Attacks

Showtime Attacks

Showtime attacks are powerful team-up moves that characters can unleash in battle. They involve specific pairings of characters and are unlocked during the main story. Showtime attacks appear at the start of a party member’s turn. Unlike regular skills, these attacks do not consume HP or SP.

How to use

When available, the showtime attack pops up at the bottom middle of the screen. Use the touchpad button to trigger a Showtime Attack.

The protagonist has a unique Showtime attack that is unlocked after clearing the main story.

Pair Unlock Conditions Details
Ann / Morgana 6/21 Gather in the hideout after capturing Kaneshiro Palace
Ryuji / Makoto 6/22 Gather in the hideout after securing Kaneshiro treasure route
Yusuke / Ryuji 7/17 Progress through the story (before the “Meat Festival”)
Ann / Yusuke 9/19 Gather in the hideout after capturing Okumura Palace
Haru / Morgana 9/20 Gather in the hideout after securing Okumura treasure route
Makoto / Haru 10/30 Gather in the hideout after starting Niijima
Protagonist / Crow 1/9 Story progression
Protagonist / Violet 1/20 Gather in the hideout by 2/1 after maxing out Faith Confidant
Protagonist Complete the Main Story

Unlocking conditions

Basically, you need to satisfy at least one of the pair combinations mentioned above. Be sure to adjust the team composition so that there is at least one pair present in combat. The team-up will occur even if one of the members of the pair has been downed.

  • When connecting Baton Pass.
  • Shadow is weak.
  • Someone in the party has low health.
  • An ally is downed.
  • The protagonist is down.

Special Conditions

You can also trigger Showtime attack when one of the above conditions is met and you are facing a sub boss, boss, or a strong enemy.

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  1. I believe (despite the comment below yours) that these are unmissable. They occur when the conditions listed above are met (and the dates are just general suggestions).

    • There are missable, I didn’t even know about hard/makoto showtime and I tried to get it in the 3rd semester, it won’t give it to me anymore. Get these showtimes before 3rd semester

  2. Can I only unlock these on the specific date? Or can I unlock them a week later? I want Ryuji/Makoto’s showtime attack, I fear having to redo the entire palace for it.

    • Such a shame, they could’ve integrated it into the story fight as well as you fight Maruki’s evolved persona. It didn’t have to be much, but it would’ve been nice, maybe a recreation of what happened when they fought Yaldabouth and Joker revealed his true persona?