Persona 5 Royal - Persona Lockdown Guide

Guide for the Velvet Room's Lockdown in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview of the service, its procedure and its benefits in the game.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Persona Lockdown Guide

Guide for the Velvet Room’s Lockdown

The Velvet Room’s Lockdown is a feature where the Protagonist places a chosen persona into isolation and learn new passive abilities.

Persona 5 Royal - Persona Lockdown Service

In Persona 5 Royal, the persona in confinement can also acquire a stat boost through the use of incense.

How to Unlock

To unlock Lockdown, you need to raise your Strength Confidant to Rank 3.

Justine and Caroline – Strength Confidant Guide

How to Execute a Lockdown in Persona 5

Persona 5 - Persona Lockdown Service

Visit the Velvet Room, interact with Igor, and choose the “Train Persona” option.

Persona 5 - Persona Lockdown Selecting from Persona Stock

It will take some time for a persona in Lockdown to complete training. Training time depends on the the rank of the Confidant that the Persona is associated with. Therefore, if you wish to have your Persona learn passives quickly, you need to work on their confidant. If your persona’s corresponding confidant is still low, it would take them five days to finish.

The Persona that is stored will learn a passive skill to cover one weakness. If the Persona has several weaknesses, training will help it learn to cover one of them. While it is rare, the Persona can also learn other passive skills that do not cover its weaknesses. To prevent this from happening, you can lower the chance of it learning an unwanted passive by raising the Persona’s confidant rank.

Once you raise your Strength Confidant to Rank 8, the Persona will start to learn new passive skills.

Persona 5 Royal Features

When using incense after a lockdown, the persona gains bonus stats. Kichijoji offers incense and Jose also carries them. On top of that, if a fusion alarm goes up, the stat boost effect from incense is enhanced.

Restrictions and deadline

When using Lockdown, Personas will only learn skills. That being said, it may sometimes be an obstruction. Because it’s put in a cage, you can’t use it in combat nor can you replace it when you have full stock. It might, therefore, appear more as a place holder and a waste of space. If you wish to use the Lockdown system, try using it when you’re just running from place to place. As you do so, the days pass by and the persona may gain more passive skills.

Keep in mind that putting a persona in lockdown will also have a deadline. Caroline will send you a notification on your phone a day before the Persona perishes. If you fail to retrieve them in time, they will be lost forever.

How to Unlock the Trophy

You need to deposit a Persona in lockdown and have it complete its training to learn a new passive. Go back and take out the Persona to earn the trophy.

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