Persona 5 Royal - Magician Arcana Compendium

A list of different Persona under the Magician Arcana in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. These Persona encompasses deities or figures associated with magic.

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Magician Arcana (I)

The persona under the Magician Arcana typically specialize in debuffs and magic abilities. Unlike the Chariot Arcana, they use more magic attacks than physical attacks. Most of the Magician Arcana persona are not really magicians, but are generally associated with magic.

Persona Compendium

Magician Arcana Compendium

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
2 Jack-o’-Lantern 5 Cait Sith (P5R)
11 Jack Frost 17 Nekomata
23 Sandman (P5R) 24 Sandman
28 Choronzon 43 Queen Mab
48 Rangda 59 Surt
63 Forneus (P5R) 76 Futsunushi
83 Surt (P5R) 86 Futsunushi (P5R)
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Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Kunikazu Okumura Mammon Palace Boss IconMammon Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Sae Niijima Leviathan Palace Boss IconLeviathan
Persona 5 Royal - Black Mask Goro Akechi Boss IconBlack Mask Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Masayoshi Shido Samael Palace Boss IconSamael
Persona 5 Royal - Holy Grail Mementos Palace Boss IconHoly Grail Persona 5 Royal - Yaldaboath Mementos Palace Boss IconYaldabaoth
Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Takuto Maruki Azazoth Palace Boss IconAzazoth Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Takuto Maruki Adam Kadmon Palace Boss IconAdam Kadmon
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Persona 5 Royal - Lavenza Secret Boss IconLavenza Persona 5 Royal - Jose Secret Boss IconJose
Persona 5 Royal - Makoto Yuuki Persona 3 Protagonist DLC Boss IconFull Moon Persona 5 Royal - Yu Narukami Persona 4 Protagonist DLC Boss IconFoggy Day

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