The Priestess Confidant – Makoto Niijima [Persona 5]

Detailed guide for the Cooperation Guide for the Priestess Arcana.

Makoto Niijima Confidant Guide

priestessMakoto Nijima is a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. As the wielder of the persona – Johanna, she works alongside them with her healing and Frei skills which can help in battle. Unlike most Priestess Arcana, she is more brutal in both combat and her driving style.

Despite her brutal way of fighting, she does have a compassionate side. Her compassionate and responsible side comes out as Student Council President. However, she also hopes to no longer burden her sister – Sae Nijima.

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You can unlock Makoto by heading towards the Student Council Office after school. She can be found at Shuujin’s main gate.


Rank Name Effect
1 Shadow Differential When you use the analyze Shadows, you can see the items that it may drop.
2 Baton Pass If “One More” is triggered, Makoto can now use Baton Pass and increase the attack of the receiver of the baton.
3 Crammer Talk If Shadow negotiations fall through, Makoto can help you try again.
4 Final Blow If the protagonist doesn’t kill the enemy, Makoto can finish the enemy off for you.
6 Paper Fan Recovery Cures conditions off allies occasionally.
7 Shadow Factorization When you put your cursor over the Shadow, you can see if it can either null, reflect, or absorb your attack’s attribute.
8 Moxie If the attack will deplete all the HP, there’s a chance Makoto will endure the attack.
9 Covering If the enemy attacks the protagonist’s weakness, Makoto will take the hit for him.
10 Super Awakening After awakening her persona, Johanna evolves into Anat.

Priestess Cooperation Guide

Rank Dialogue Choices Miscellaneous

Approach Makoto in front of the Student Council Office once you clear Kaneshiro’s palace.

  • Rank 3 Knowledge required
  • Unlocks Shadow Calculus (see potential drops of enemies in the Analyze screen)
2 1st Choice: “You’re very well informed.” +2
2nd Choice: “That was dangerous.” +3 / “You should have known better.” +2
  •  Unlocks Baton Pass (lets you pass Makoto’s turn to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More)
3 1st Choice: “You have the wrong idea.” +2
2nd Choice: “You can change.” +3 / “Don’t let it get to you.” +2
  •  Unlocks Brainiac Talk (gives Makoto the chance to step in and rescue a failed shadow negotiation)
4 1st Choice: “That’s unlike you.” +2
3rd Choice: “Why do you use it?” +3 / “That’s adorable.” +2
4th Choice: “That’s an amazing goal.” +3 / “I like a woman in uniform.” +2
  •  Unlocks Follow Up (gives Makoto the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up)
5 1st Choice: “He sounds suspicious.” +3
2nd Choice: “I got this.” +3 / “Only if I can take it seriously.” +2
6 1st Choice: “Love comes in many forms.” +3 / “We just started.” +2
  • Rank 5 Charm required
  • Unlocks Harisen Recovery (gives Makoto the chance to step in and heal status ailments of the party)
7 4th Choice: “That’s a horrible story.” +3 / “He was a noble man.” +3 / “Was it tough without him?” +2
5th Choice: All choices are +3
6th Choice: All choices are +2
  •  Unlocks Shadow Factorization (tells you if an attack will be effective or not while targeting)
8 1st Choice: “He says that to all the girls.” +2 / “That’s how he ropes you in.” +2
2nd Choice: “Absolutely.” +3 / “What are you going to do?” +2 / “Eh, she deserves him.” +2
  •  Unlocks Endure (gives Makoto a chance to withstand a killing blow)
9 1st Choice: All choices are +3
2nd Choice: All choices are +2
3rd Choice: “That was the right move.” +2
4th Choice: “I’m a regular here.” +3 / “It’s a popular meeting spot.” +3 / “Not as much as you.” +2
5th Choice:

  • Friendship – “You’ll find someone someday.” +3
  • Romance – “I’ll be your study partner.”

6th Choice:

  • Romance – “I do.”
  • Friendship – “That’s not what I meant.”
  • Head to Shinjuku to look around for info on Tsukasa.
  • Find men with speech bubbles to interact with.
  • Ask them if they know Tsukasa.
  • Afterwards, you’ll talk to the lady.
  • Note that this cooperation will cost you a day and night activity.
  • Unlocks Protect (gives Makoto the ability to shield Joker from a fatal attack)
10 Choices here are irrelevant since it is already at the MAX rank.
  •  Unlocks Second Awakening (evolves Makoto’s Persona into its ultimate form, Cybele)

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⎛⎝Sunny⎠⎞ •

Rank 2 Choice 1 only gives 1

7th rank, 7th option: Refuse her, please.

6th: “Now you can choose” +3
7th: “I’m game if you are” +3

(evolves Makoto’s Persona into its ultimate form, Cybele)
Anat is Makoto’s Ultimate, Cybele is the highest ranking priestess persona unlocked from getting Makoto’s Confidant rank to ten. Probably just a typo, since this information is correct everywhere else in the guide.