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Information on Jose, an npc in Persona 5 Royal. This includes his availability and services.

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Mementos – Jose

Jose is a new NPC in Persona 5 Royal. He is encountered at the entrance to Mementos.

Jose resembles a young boy and shows no emotions. He wears a white coat paired with black leggings and gloves. Based on his appearance, perhaps Jose has some relation to the heavenly bodies.

Currently, the shop lists are incomplete. We will update this when the game comes out.


Jose can be randomly encountered in mementos. When he appears, a mark will show up on the map.

After talking to Jose, he will ask you to gather some flowers. You can collect about three to six flowers at one time. In return, Jose will open up his shop to sell some recovery items. He will also request you collect some stamps. Deliver the stamps and he will give you a chance to alter certain features inside Mementos.

Confidant List

Unlocking Jose

Coming Soon


Day Period
Monday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Tuesday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Wednesday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Thursday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Friday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Saturday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Sunday Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)
Rainy Day (Coming Soon)
Night (Coming Soon)


Flower Exchange

Item Type Effect Points
Black Sword* 30
Black Mock Gun* 30
Black Stone* 30
Blank Card* 15
Small Bottle of Dizziness* 30
Small Bottle of Sleep* 40
Soul Drop SP Restores 10 SP to one ally. 15
Eye drop S* Coming Soon 30
Small Pin* Coming Soon 40
Snuff Soul SP Restores 50 SP to one ally 75
Ki Kit S* SP Coming Soon 80
Strength Incense* Incense Raises the strength of a persona under lockdown by 1. 80
Magic Incense* Incense Raises the magic of a persona under lockdown by 1. 80
Endurance Incense* Incense Raises the endurance of a persona under lockdown by 1. 80
Agility Incense* Incense Raises the agility of a persona under lockdown by 1. 80
Luck Incense* Incense Raises the luck of a persona under lockdown by 1. 80
Green Ishi of Pride Ishi Combines with other ishi from Shido palace to obtain an accessory from Jose. 400
Red Ishi of Gluttony Ishi Combines with other ishi from Kaneshiro palace to obtain an accessory from Jose. 400

Stamp Exchange

Name Effect
Number of Items Up* Receive x more items while in mementos.
Increase Money Earned* Receive x% more money while in mementos.
Increase Experience Gained* Receive x% more experience while in mementos.

Number of Items Up

Stamp points Effect
1 + 2
1 + 3
2 + 4
+ 5
+ 6
+ 7
+ 8
+ 9
+ 10
+ 11

Increase Money Earned

Stamp points Effect
3 110%
3 120%

Increase Experience Gained

Stamp points Effect
5 110%
5 120%
7 130%

Ishi Exchange

Deliver all three materials from each palace to receive an accessory.

Accessory Type Effect Required Items
Ring of Lust Allows wearer to use Champion’s Oath (10 SP) – Moderately restores the HP of one ally and grants an increase in attack for three turns. Red Ishi of Lust, Blue Ishi of Lust, Green Ishi of Lust
Ring of Sloth* Allows wearer to use Fake Exploitation (22 SP) – Casts a barrier to absorb single target attacks that ignores weaknesses. Red Ishi of Sloth, Blue Ishi of Sloth, Green Ishi of Sloth
Ring of Gluttony*   Allows wearer to use Safekeeper (20 SP) – Casts a barrier that reflects non-universal attributes at the start of battle. Red Ishi of Gluttony, Blue Ishi of Gluttony, Green Ishi of Gluttony
Ring of Wrath*     Red Ishi of Wrath, Blue Ishi of Wrath, Green Ishi of Wrath
Ring of Greed*     Red Ishi of Greed, Blue Ishi of Greed, Green Ishi of Greed
Ring of Envy*     Red Ishi of Envy, Blue Ishi of Envy, Green Ishi of Envy
Ring of Pride*     Red Ishi of Pride, Blue Ishi of Pride, Green Ishi of Pride

*Names are roughly translated from the Japanese screenshot.

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