Persona 5 - Hermit Arcana Compendium [Persona 5/P5]

This article contains a guide for the Hermit Arcana persona.

The persona in the Hermit Arcana compendium usually inflict Status Ailments. They don't have any particular element specialization.

Hermit Arcana (IX)

The Hermit Arcana often has persona that are solitary in nature. The card depicts an old man holding a lantern in the darkness. The Hermit Arcana is often associated with wisdom. They also represent introspection, solitude, retreat, and philosophical searches.

In the game, those under the Hermit Arcana specialize in mental ailments. They use a variety of condition attacks that turn the tides of battle to your favor. That said, the chance of the ailment landing on an enemy can be low. Thus, not many people use these persona.

People who represent Hermit are more intrapersonal and keep to themselves as much as possible. They play support rather confront. However, they do eventually open up to the protagonist. For Persona 5’s Hermit Confidant, you have Futaba Sakura.

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
4 Bicorn 9 Koropokkuru
 13 Ippon-Datara 17 Sudama
24 Naga 35 Arahabaki
42 Kumbhanda 49 Koumokuten
56 Kurama Tengu 76 Ongyo-Ki

Other Personas

Fool Magician Priestess
Empress Emperor Hierophant
Lovers Chariot Justice
Hermit Fortune Strength
Hangedman Death Temperance
Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement

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