How to Get Persona | Conversation and Negotiation Pattern and Summary [Persona 5/P5]

This is a Persona 5 article on How to get Persona. Here you will find details on How to Get Persona | Conversation and Negotiation Pattern and Summary.

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Persona 5: How to Get Persona | Conversation and Negotiation Pattern and Summary

I will show you how to obtain persona in “Persona 5 (P5)”. I will summarize the way of conversation and negotiation and the pattern of questions, so please try reference.

How to get a persona
In order to obtain a persona, it is necessary to bring down the enemy’s persona and cause “hold-up” to occur. When a hold-up occurs, you have two choices:

  1. “All-Out Attack” which attacks the entire enemy all at once
  2. “Talk” will emerge as an option.
    At this time, if you choose “talk,” you can talk with the shadow and you will be able to get items and join the enemy ‘s shadow.

About negotiations and conversations

When negotiating with a persona, you have three choices: either all-out attack, talk, or return to formation. When you choose talk, take note of your level. Your level will dictate whether or not you can gain the Persona. The conversations you have with the however may be random at choices. But each persona has a specific topic. Match the correct choices and you can get your persona.

However, if the negotiations fall out – you can get an item. Or, if you have maxed out particular Social Links – you can have a second chance.

Negotiation / Conversation Pattern Summary

In conversation, it is necessary to choose an appropriate reply according to the character of shadow. Choosing the right choice increases the probability that shadows can become personas.
This article will present some correct choices for each shadow. If you have other choices of correct answers you know, please write it in the comment section below (or for any corrections. we will be updating the page constantly).

  • Kamoshida Palace
Shadow Conversation Options
Jack-o’-lantern Misunderstanding  / Toilet is not Japanese style  / Forgive me  / Sometimes I like it  / I take it  / I want to be an apprentice / Do not go / I do not want it / I do not want / Special site
Pixie Where do you want to go / calling it  / clothes shop / uniforms  / not there?  / pretty
Bicorn No  / Edge of something / Not at all
Incubus I just do not want to die / I am expecting
Mandrake Sorry ○ / It is not amusing
Agathion Noisy ○ / I am thinking ○ / hamburg ○ / exhausted ○ / to be told ○ / when I finish
Andras Certainly / Are you asking for something?
Silky I think it’s good / Do not say it from above  / Bomb buy ○
  • Madarame Palace
Shadow Conversation Options
Koropokku Certainly
Inugami I am sour for lunch
Hua Po I will do my homework when i return home / I will stop my nail sharp with a pillar /  I am looking for / decorate in the living room
Onmoraki “I think that’s called Domestic Violence”
Jack Frost
Koppa Tengu Loud talkers…/For Real!?
Makami Fine, I’ll grill you! / I’ve thought about it
  • Kaneshiro Palace
Shadow Conversation Options
Nekomata good thing / it would be nice
Yakushini what do you want / beautiful
Orthros TBA
Rakshasa hear the voice / try it with power

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Kelpie: “I’m wishing girls would like me” and “Let me touch your paws.”

This list is terrible, It doesn’t help, ive tried 5 times to get the inugami and all this list says is “I’m sour for lunch” Which isnt even one of the options i get

Madarame Palace Hua Po: meat an potatoes/ answer regarding being young

Madarame Palace Apsaras: answer regarding boredom/ your looks.

kelpie: make you into my new stylish coat/ so girls can like me

Mandrake: No strings attached?/ that’s right

I came for the food / die in peace

Jack Frost:
I want a photo / no, I do (or “no, I am”, I don’t remember which it is)

Just endure it.

sry for my hard words.. but this list sucks.. i dont get any answer to get my persona on the first castle….

Slow-ass cashiers.

Also, “I’m always so busy here”

Thanks for all of your comments. Will be updating asap and hope the guide helps. Please do check out our website for exclusive game reviews, guides, tips and walkthroughs 🙂

Thank you so much for the feedback and comments, will be updating and inputting ASAP 🙂

Andras: I want to get stronger./ It’s my intelligence.

bicorn- tea, i dont have/ bad rep, youre right/ caredree kid, must be nice prefer being an adult

Silky: I’m sorry. / I’m always alone.

Kelpie: I don’t care / It’s my intelligence.

Futaba Palace:

Anzu = I have homework tonight > Turn you into my new coat

Jack O’ Lantern “Who Cares?” is also a correct answer.

Girl Power

Orthus – grill you or not an animal , stylish new coat

I want to see your fury -> battle is what soothes me