Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - How to Acquire Personas (Conversation Choices)

A guide in how to acquire Personas encountered at Palaces & Mementos in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes coversation choices for each palace.

Persona 5 The Royal - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Acquiring Personas

In order to obtain a Persona, it is necessary to knock down all enemy shadows and cause a “hold-up” to occur. Here, you have two choices:

  1. “All-Out Attack” which attacks the entire enemy team at once
  2. “Talk” which allows the player to demand money, items, or for the shadow to join the player.

All of the talk options will require the player to go through a dialogue puzzle in order to receive the prize. This is a number of multiple choice speech options in an attempt to woo the confronted shadow.

About Negotiations and Conversations

When you talk to the shadow, take note of your level. Players can not convince shadows of a higher level than them to join their team. The conversations you have with them may seem to be random at times, but each persona has a specific topic. Answering correctly will reward the player with the reward they went after.

Persona Conversation Choices

In conversation, it is necessary to choose an appropriate reply based on the shadow’s personality. Choosing the right choice increases the probability that the shadow will join you.
This list has some correct choices for each shadow. If you know of other correct answers, please write them in the comment section below.

Kamoshida Palace

Shadow Conversation Options
Jack-o’-lantern Misunderstanding  / Toilet is not Japanese style  / Forgive me  / Sometimes I like it  / I take it  / I want to be an apprentice / Do not go / I do not want it / I do not want / Special site
Pixie Where do you want to go / calling it  / clothes shop / uniforms  / not there?  / pretty
Bicorn No  / Edge of something / Not at all
Incubus I just do not want to die / I am expecting
Mandrake Sorry ○ / It is not amusing
Agathion Noisy ○ / I am thinking ○ / hamburg ○ / exhausted ○ / to be told ○ / when I finish
Andras Certainly / Are you asking for something?
Silky I think it’s good / Do not say it from above  / Bomb buy ○

Madarame Palace

Shadow Conversation Options
Koropokku Certainly
Inugami I am sour for lunch
Hua Po I will do my homework when i return home / I will stop my nail sharp with a pillar /  I am looking for / decorate in the living room
Onmoraki “I think that’s called Domestic Violence”
Jack Frost
Koppa Tengu Loud talkers…/For Real!?
Makami Fine, I’ll grill you! / I’ve thought about it / You’re not an animal.

Kaneshiro Palace

Shadow Conversation Options
Nekomata good thing / it would be nice
Yakushini what do you want / beautiful
Orthros TBA
Rakshasa hear the voice / try it with power

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  1. This list is terrible, It doesn’t help, ive tried 5 times to get the inugami and all this list says is “I’m sour for lunch” Which isnt even one of the options i get

  2. Thanks for all of your comments. Will be updating asap and hope the guide helps. Please do check out our website for exclusive game reviews, guides, tips and walkthroughs 🙂